Friday, November 6, 2009

Introducing My New Blog

Some of you may know me from my other blog "Lost Family Treasures". I am also the ring manager for the "Blogging For Ancestors" blogring.

After being a part of the genealogy blogging community for 116 days now, I think I am ready to start blogging about my own genealogy and family history and experiences in researching and so forth.

Besides my own,
I also research my children's ancestors,(sounds better than saying x-husband's), my husband's, my in-law's, and friends. So I may blog about their ancestors as well as my own.

Speaking of in-laws, about a month ago my sister-in-law and her husband were over and he was interested in finding information on his great-grandfather from the Ukraine. His great-grandfather, Frank Ciopryna changed his last name at some point, and his main concern was finding what that name was before it was changed.

Well, I couldn't help with the name change, but when we discovered that Frank was actually born in Poland he had to call his dad right away and tell him that he was a polock! He made me chuckle.

Several years ago while I was still in Idaho I printed an ahnentafel book for one of my aunts. Since then I have found several errors and misguided, or fraudulent lines that I had to repair (we can no longer claim to be descended from Lady Godiva, and that was so much fun)so I have been busy putting a new book together for her.

Along with a 244 page ahnentafel I made a section for histories, documents, charts, and photos. She will probably be getting it for Christmas.

The major line that I had to revamp is the Arnold Line. If you are a descendant of Governor Benedict Arnold 1615-1678, or the Rhode Island Arnolds, I strongly urge you to read this article from Ancestry Daily News ==> NO ARNOLD ROYAL LINE.
This is also a good article to read ==> MYTHS IN YOUR FAMILY TREE.

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