Friday, January 22, 2010

A Festival of Postcards -- 7th Edition

This is my first time participating in the 'Festival of Postcards', and hopefully it wont be the last.

I was fortunate enough to receive a box full of personal belongings of my great-grandmother's; and a handful of postcards was among them. There are probably more in the hands of other relatives because she saved everything (thank goodness!).

So this edition is a theme of ''light'. It took several sessions and some creative thinking to find one that fit the bill; let me tell ya!

See how the young lady is looking at the young man? It's as though she is thinking "You are the light of my life," which makes me wonder why great-grandma's sister sent this postcard to my great-grandpa. Did she just grab any old postcard, or did she put some thought into choosing one? Who sends postcards to their brother-in-law? No, really, curious minds want to know!

The postmark says Powell, Mar 25, 1912, Wyo. It is addressed to
Mr. Willie Piggott, Bloomington, Ida.
It reads:

Oh: You: Babydoll
tell your
old lady Ill
ans her letter
soon. How are
you and your
family coming? I feel
pretty tough. Went to
Byron last night to a da[nce]
had a swell time.
with love, Iva


  1. It is a wonderful card! I like thoose old postcards! Nice to see them!

  2. Hi Leslie,
    It is a sweet card. As a former Idaho girl, I was trying to think of where Bloomington might be.

  3. Bloomington is in Bear Lake County about 100 miles south of Pocatello and close to the Utah border. It is about 5 miles from Bear Lake which is half in Idaho and half in Utah. It is beautiful country.



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