Wednesday, February 10, 2010

52 Weeks To Better Genealogy - Challenge #6

Once again I am challenged by Thomas and Amy to explore the library from my chair, only this time to see where my library card will take me and which online databases will grant me access.

I have three different library cards, each from a different county. The one I use the most is from the Nassau County Public Library because it gives me access to Ancestry Library from my own home. However, a drawback from using the library edition of is that you don't have access to the public member trees, which in my opinion is total BULL!!

Nassau also offers Heritage Quest Online. Through Heritage Quest you can search and view the Census, Books, Freedman's Bank (a bank established for the benefit of freed slaves), and U.S.Serial Set. You can search through the Periodical Source Index (PERSI), but there is no database available. Instead they have an order form for you to fill out. Each order form allows a request for up to six articles with an accompanying $7.50, then you pay 20 cents per copy after they send the articles to you. I actually found six articles that I want copies of -- yeah!

I also found a book that I was able to download, The book is entitled George Cannon, the immigrant. He is my 3rd great-grandfather. Looking through the Serial Sets I found one called Indian Depredations in Utah which mentions my 2nd great-grandfather, William H. Piggott in the payroll for May 1, 1866 - August 30, 1866.

The next card I use is from Jacksonville Public Library. Under their genealogy section they only have Ancestry Library and Archive Grid which are both for in-library use only.

Their obituary section includes America's Obituary and Death Notices; powered by Newsbank, Obituary Daily Times; powered by Rootsweb, and Proquest Obituaries.

In the history section card holders can access History Resource Center. The Newspapers & Magazines section offers America's Newspapers, Florid Newspapers, and Florida Times-Union Archives, InfoTrac Onefile, InfoTrac Web, and Major Metropolitan Newspapers.There is also a link to Trans-Atlantic Slave Voyage Database.

The other library card I have is from the Emily Taber Public Library which is a part of the New River Public Library Cooperative. They also offer the Ancestry Library edition as well as the Heritage Quest.

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