Friday, April 16, 2010

Friend of Friends Friday -- Hyde County, North Carolina

The following are extracts of wills, deeds, and court records, etc. of my sister-in-law's ancestors who lived in Hyde County, North Carolina.

Apprentice Bonds: Hyde County Apprentice Papers, 1850-1892.

  • John Longtom (age 16), described as a free boy of color, bound to Benjamin R. Roper to be a farmer- 12 May 1856.

  • John Laban Long Tom (age 10), described as a free boy of color, bound to E.S.
    Roper to be a farmer - 26 August 1851.

  • The above information is included in the appendices of THE MATTAMUSKEET DOCUMENTS A STUDY IN SOCIAL HISTORY by Patrick H. Garrow.The appendices cover Apprentice Bonds and unlawful Negro Marriages regarding several Hyde County, North Carolina families.

    Hyde County, North Carolina Wills & AccountsWill Book 4 (May term 1819-Nov term 1829)(Abstracted by Kay Midgett Sheppard)

    • Acct. of sales of the property of Bethany VEAL, dec'd. December 11, 1820. Various buyers included: Abraham COX who bought Negro Aubrey, Asby COX, Henry DILLON, Robert GIBBS, Burage LINTON, Jno. NORTHEN, and Richard COX. Mentions several notes due the estate. [signed] Abram COX, Exr
    • Account of sales of the estate of George VEAL sold 8th June 1818 Various buyers were: Bethany VEAL, George VEAL, David GIBBS, Barnaba BALLANCE, Affie COX, Abram COX, & Elizabeth SAUNDERSON. Mentions hire of Negroes Andrew, Lovy & child, Orpra & child, Bob, and Barzilla. Total amount of sale was $285.17. One year's provisions laid off for widow which consisted of corn, wheat, bacon, hogs, cows, fish, etc. August 27th 1818: Further inventory of 3 Negroes consisting of 2 boys and 1 girl. [signed] Benj. SAUNDERSON
    • Watson GIBBS of Hyde Co. Feb. 25, 1826 / Probate: May Term 1826 -- Wife: Elizabeth GIBBS during her natural life to have the house & lot whereon I now live, horse cart & harness, 1 bed & furniture, chest, trunk, bureau, 1 calf, all hogs & poultry and corn on hand. Son: David & his heirs to have $10.00 each to be paid by my executor. 3 youngest children: Selby, Flinn, & Doctor Shanklin GIBBS to have the house & lot whereon I now live, and after my wife's death to be sold and proceeds divided equally between them. Negro Boston and the residue of the estate to be sold by my executor and debts to be paid out of that. Any residue is to be divided between Selby, Flinn, & Doctor Shanklin GIBBS. Exec'r: Benjamin SAUNDERSON Witnesses: John COLSTON, Ann Maria JONES [signed] Watson GIBBS
    • Account of sales of the Negroes belonging to Reubin GIBBS - 23rd Dec 1819 -- Sabra & York sold to B. SAUNDERSON for $400.00
      Adam sold to Ricd. COX for $586.00
      Sophia sold to B. SAUNDERSON for $76.00
      Bridget sold to Elizabeth GIBBS for $163.00
      James sold to Saml. GIBBS for $318.00
    [signed] John CREDLE, Admr.

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