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Friend of Friends Friday -- Slaves in Utah

Well I ran out of slave names in my own database so I decided to do a little searching among religions, organizations, etc. that my ancestors may have been involved with.

I was quite surprised to learn that in 1850 Twelve Mormon slave owners possessed between 60 and 70 black slaves in Deseret Territory. There is one Apostle, Charles C. Rich, among these slave owners. 

Green Flake was one of three enslaved men who were among the first Pioneer company to arrive in Utah. He was born enslaved in Anson County, North Carolina around 1828, and was presented to James Madison and Agnes Flake as a wedding gift from James' father.

After the death of James Flake, his wife Agnes tithed Green to the Mormon church.

I was able to find a posting of the Wills of Jurden Flake and Samuel Flake, the father and grandfather of James Madison.
In The Name of God amen. I Samuel Flake of A n son County Being of Sound Deposing Mind Tho Weke In Body owing to age And Infirmuty Do Make & ordane This My Last will & Testament In Manner following

I tem I give & Devise to My Wife Alcy All Pewter Pots & House Holde furniture Allso My Stock of Horses & Cattle & Hoges three Negro Boys Jo Tom and A bra ham All which Estate It is my Wish and Desire My Wife Alcy and Elijah Flake my youngest Son May peaceably possess and Injoy for there own & Use Enduring Herr Natural Life or Widow Hood & at my dicease it is my will and desire my youngest Son Elijah Flake now lives with his Mother and will have the trouble of her and all other mothers things, touching the primses which it is my will and desire the sd Elijah have two Shears on Dividing of Negrows Stock House Houlde & Kitching furniture and Allso of all plantation and other tools that My other three Sons Namely Thomas, Samuel & Jurden Which It is My Will and Desire That They Have Shear & Shear Alike Elijah two Shears Thomas Samuel and Jurden shear Equally alike etc

I Tem I give and Bequeath to My Son Thomas & Samuel one Negro girl name Dill Which Negrow is to Be divided Be twent My Two Sons Thomas & Samuel after the Deseace of My Wife Alcy. Which To T__ __ Conveyance of There part of my Lande

I Tem I gave and beqath to My Son Jurden one hundred Akers of My Lande Being part of two Tracks No parte of and olde survay pattend By Jo White Mcvane parte of a track of two Hundred Akers pattend by myself Jining the Hundred acre that I sold to Dudley Williams

Lastly I give to My Son Elijah all the Ballance of Sd Thre Tracks of Land Including the Williams plantation Etc

Also I give and Bequathe to My Son Wm. Flake one Dollar which is his parte

I give and Bequathe to My five Daughters Namely Mary Elizabeth Jemyah Sara & Delilah one Dollar Each which is to Be pade out of my Estate that Being There Several partes of My Estate

April 5th 1802
Samuel Flake * Seal *
Thomas Smith

Recorded in Anson County Will Book 2, Page 36.

The will of Jurden FLAKE is recorded in Anson County, North Carolina Will Book "B", Page 163.

In the name of God, amen I Jurden Flake of the State of North Carolina & County of Anson Being weak in body though of sound mind and memmory thanks be to God for the same and Calling to mind the mortallity of my body and knowing that it is appointed for all men once to Die, Therefore I Do make this my last will and testament in the following manor and form First I give and bequeath to my son John W. Flake the three negro boys that he has in possesion namely Red, Daniel and I Som and Two hundred Dollars including note in 2nd I give to my son William C. Flake three negroes Lucy Ruben & Cudgo and Two hundred Dollars out of his note 3rd I give to my son Thomas G. Flake four negroes Abram, Haly his wife Arter and Jude and all the East part of my land on Smiths Creek up the T Creek as high as opposite the old house to that Cross fence where the lane was formaly and with that fence to the Little orchard that Son Thomas tends and round to the maple Corner near Thos Spring including the orchard then up the S spring branch including the Spring up to the fence of that upland field west of Thos House then with that fence to the Corner next Hooker then South to Hooker and then round Hooker Lowes & P Smiths to the South line then up to opposite the Cross fence 4th I give to my son James M. Flake Two negroes Green and Lyse and three hundred Dollars 5th I give to my son in Law Jurden W. Morris and Jane E his wife Allonzo, Siller and her child and Claborn by his paying up his note 6th I give to my son in law Peter P. Cocks and Sarah his wife six negroes Lyda King George Rosan and her two children Aron and Arter 7th I give to my daughter Fathy H. Flake three negroes Sary and her two children Thaner and Tom and her filly bedd and firniture and Two hundred and fifty Dollars 8th I give to my son Frances E. Flake four negroes Aron Jack Cindy and Mary a bead & firniture and his young horse and all the balance of my land on the North Side of Smiths Creek including the Houses 9th I give to my son in law Charles Winfree and Ann Winfree his wife one thousand DOLLARS to be paid them by my Executors when collected and all the balance of my property not in the will including the land wher James M. Flake left also all joinding it on the South side of Smiths Creek also the Sandhill land & Stock & Ephram to be sold as the Law Directs and all the proceeds after all my Debts is paid and what there is Due me Collected and what there is in the will all Discharged then the balance if any to be Equally divided a mong all my heirs Eccept Charles Winfree and Ann his wife who will have their part in the will and I hereby apoint my Sons John W Flake and William C. Flake my sole Executors to this my Last will and testament and it is my Desire that my son John W. Flake be appointed guardian for my son Francis E. Flake and to attend to Education & everything Else of his to his best interest till he is Capable of managing for him self Signed and Seald this 19th Day of May and in the year of our Lord Eighteen hundred and forty three

James Hooker Jurden Flake *Seal*
Benj G. Hooker

October Term 1843

Then the above will was duly proven in open Court by James Hooker & Benj G. Hooker the subscribing witnesses thereto - whereupon John W. Flake & Wm C Flake appeared in open Court & qualified as Excecutors and obtained letters Testamentory

W. W. Boggan CM

In doing my search I stumbled on to this next will that is included in The Limbs and Branches of the Smith Family Tree.  I wanted to re-post it here just in case for some reason it no longer becomes available within this family tree.

William Young Sr., of Stafford and Fauquier County, wrote a will on 20 December 1790. That will was probated 27 February 1792, Fauquier County, Virginia. (Virginia Mixed Probate Records, FHL film 0031566)

"In the name of God Amen this twentieth day of December Annis Domini, one thousand seven hundred and ninety. I William Young of the County of Fauquier being in perfect and sound memory do make and ordain this my last will and testament Imprimis (in person). I commit my soul to the mercy of Almighty God, hoping through the Mediation of my Blessed (Savior crossed out) Redeemer to be forgiven all my sins and transgressions.

Item -- I give and bequeath to my beloved son Bryan Young, one Negroe woman slave named Sarah and her increase to him and his heirs forever.

Item -- I give and bequeath to my beloved son William Young to him and his heirs forever one Negro Male slave named and called Joshua.

Item -- I give and bequeath to my beloved daughter Mary Jeffries one Negro woman slave named Amy to her and her heirs forever.

Item -- I give and bequeath to my beloved daughter Hannah Owsley the sum of twenty pounds current money of Virginia.

Item -- I give and bequeath to my beloved daughter Sukey or Susanna Smithey [Susanna Smith] the sum of twenty pounds current money of Virginia.

Item -- My will and desire is that all my land, Negro slaves not before devised and personal estate be enjoyed by my beloved wife Patience Young, during her natural life or widowhood, which ever shall first happen, my will and desire is that at the death or marriage of my said Wife all the Estate both real and personal be sold at publick auction and the moneys arising from such sales to be divided amongst all my Children or their Representatives. I do appoint, constitute my loving friends Joseph Jeffries and Thomas Fitzhugh executors of this my last Will and testament revoking and disannulling all former and other wills and testaments before by me made, ratifying and confirming this my last Will & testament only. .

Signed in the sixteenth line, (signed by) William Young L.S. (locus Sigilli or legal seal).
Signed, Sealed & pronounced in the presence (signed by) J. Moffett, Minoah Stone (his X mark) Edward Feagan, Benjamin Carpenter

At a court held for Fauquier County the 27th day of February 1792. This Will was proved by the oaths of Edward Feagans, John Moffett and Benjamin Carpenter witnesses thereto and ordered to be recorded, and on the motion of Joseph Jeffries Junior the Executor therein named who made oath and together with Joseph Jeffries Senior his Security, entered into and acknowledged bond in the penalty of two thousand pounds conditioned as the law directs. Certificate is granted him for obtaining a probate thereof in due form. Testifier, (signed) Francis Brooke C.C. (county clerk)."

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