Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Tombstone Tuesday -- John T., Jr and Esther H. Barker

This is the photo I took of great-grandma and grandpa Barker's headstone while I was cemetery hopping through Bear Lake County, Idaho on a fine snowy May day.

Luckily  I found this photo that I took in 2001 back at mom's house. The earlier one is much easier to read.  What a difference nine years makes. 

John T. Jr.        Esther H.
Nov. 22, 1872       Apr. 23, 1880
Feb. 10, 1953      Feb. 27, 1963

I also took a photo of the St. Charles Cemetery map while I was there last May.

If you click on the map you should be able to read most of it, but some of it is blurry. 

(okay maybe you need a magnifying glass to read it. You can read the original so if anyone wants a copy I can email it to you.)

Leslie Ann


  1. This is the exact reason I am feeling the urgency to photograph my family stones this year. The last time I did was 9 years ago and some of the stones can't be read anymore.

  2. I too have a set of great grandparents named John T and Ester Barker, born in Oneida NY, but apparently lived some time in Vinton IA? They had a son named Archibald, who drove stage coach to and from the Vinton school for the blind. And this man's my great grandfather. Are these the same people? I know they had another son named John, one named Ruel and also a 4th son & possibly a daughter? If so, I have family history info going back to the 1500's in England. I haven't been able to garner much information about John T and Ester though! I know her maiden named was Buck.

    Kristy Barker

    1. No, they are not the same couple, but what a coincidence that two different John T Barkers marry women named Esther!

      My John Thompson Barker was born in St. Charles, Idaho to John Tompson and Jane Maria Pickett. John T Barker, Sr was my immigrant ancestor was born in Marston, Bedfordshire, England.

      The earliest documented Barker ancestor I have is William Barker born about 1773 in St. Albans, Hertfordshire, England.

      Who knows, maybe we connect somehow. I also have Buck ancestors.



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