Friday, July 2, 2010

Marriage Certificate for William C. Piggott and Hazel R. Madsen

Here is the last document I was able to get from the Bear Lake County Courthouse while I was in Idaho.

The top half is the marriage license and the bottom half is the certificate. This document certifies the marriage of William C. Piggott of Bloomington, Bear Lake, Idaho and Hazel R Madsen of Bloomington, Bear Lake, Idaho on the 5th day of October, 1910.
The marriage was solemnized by Elder W. R. Holmes in Paris, Bear Lake, Idaho and witnessed by Oliver Madsen and Robert Kunz.

Oliver Madsen was Hazel's brother, but I don't know the relationship of Robert Kunz.  He was probably just a friend of William's.

Among grandma Hazel's stuff is the invitation to their 50th wedding anniversary.

And this photo I came back from Idaho with is at their anniversary party.

How I miss them.  I never left their house without a paper bag full of ginger snaps.


  1. my grandparents had those gingersnaps too. never gave me a bag full though. i really like that photo of the three of you.

  2. I enjoy reading your articles abt. Bear Lake Co. because twice, I was in the County, and both times from SLC going towards Yellowstone. I'll always remember the steep hills, the roads going around and around, then at the bottom was Bear Lake. One of my best memories and a great surprise. We even camped at the lake. Thanks for your articles.



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