Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sunday's Obituary -- William Piggott

This is the obituary of my gr-great-grandfather William Henry Piggott.  This particular image was sent to me by cousin Cindy (Thanks bunches cuz).  She got it from the Salt Lake City Main Library from the Deseret News.


   Randolph, Feb. 9-- William Piggott, 79 years of age, and a pioneer of the early sixties, died here yesterday at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Alice C. Reay. The cause of death was Bright's disease, from which Mr. Piggott had been a sufferer four years.  He was a resident of Bloomington, Idaho where he had been postmaster and prominient in business circles for many years.  He moved from Utah to southern Idaho about 30 years ago, and engaged in the lumber business, building up a large trade and becoming known as a leading merchant of the community.
   Mr. Piggott was born in Massachusetts where he joined the Church of Jeseus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  In 1870 he married Elizabeth Cannon, youngest sister of the late President George Q. Cannonn.  At the time of his death Mr. Piggott was visiting at the home of his daughter where he was stricken with his last illness.  He is survived by his widow and the following children: Mrs. John A. South and Mrs. Alice C. Reay of Randolph; Mrs. Leonora Hatch of Georgetown and William and George Q. Piggott of Bloomington.  He also has a sister in Salt Lake City, Mrs. Abbie Piggott Slater, living at 237 east Sixth South street.
   Funeral services will be held at Bloomington Tuesday Feb 11.
--Deseret News Feb 10, 1913

There are some errors in this obit. William married Elizabeth Cannon in 1869, and his brother George's middle initial was C. not Q. Also, Leonora's last name was Hess, not Hatch. It says that he died of Bright's Disease but his death certificate says he died of diabetes mellitus and the contributing factor was gangrene of legs.

* Update - I have just done a little research and according to Schoolworkhelper, Bright's Disease was a broad description of many diseases characterized by the inflammation of the nephron. So more than likely William had the diabetes first.

There is an article on Diabetes that I found in The 1911 Classic Encyclopedia based on the 11th edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica published in 1911.  This was two years before Gr-great-grandpa died.

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