Saturday, August 21, 2010

Sepia Saturday -- When We Were Four

This photo was taken sometime around December 1965 or January 1966 at grandma Smedley's house in Paris, Idaho.  See the little baby doll in my mom's lap?  That's actually my baby sister.  She was actually the whole reason we were all dressed up and posing for photos.  This was the day that she was blessed at grandma and grandpa's church. I know, dad looks grumpy doesn't he.

See the secretary behind dad? My great-grandfather Poulsen made that.  That's where grandma kept the color book and crayons and the pencil sharper (you know, the kind they have at school).  I sure wish that I had that secretary.  I am always on the lookout for one similar to that.

Notice how the t.v. is unplugged. Grandma always kept it unplugged when it wasn't on for fear of something happening during a storm.  The rack of the t.v. stand is where she kept the catalogs, you know from Penneys, Sears, Montgomery Ward.  You can bet later that night I was sitting in front of the heater in my jammies looking through the toy section of every one of them.  A few years later I sat in that very same spot and searched through that famous Sears catalog and I never could find that underwear guy.

I loved that wallpaper.  I was kind of sad when they took it down.

You are probably wondering about the title.  This was before my brother was born so we were only a "family of four" at the time.


  1. What a wonderful memory, to have had a relationship with your grandmother to know where she kept the crayons.

  2. Isn't it amazing all the things we can see in old photos, and the memories that surface as we look at them? You seem to remember quite a lot considering how young you were in this photo.

    The secretary is amazing. Does someone in your family have it (I hope!)?

  3. I love the details that you share!

  4. I love all you have told us from this photo, it's so good to have such memories.

  5. This photo is so classic, everything from your Dad's tie, your mother's glasses, the TV, the radio, the wallpaper. Very sweet and lovingly described.

  6. I wonder why your dad was grumpy? He has such a nice looking family. Too bad you never found the underwear guy. I remember looking for him, too.
    This was a really fun to read post.

  7. This brings back memories. The secretary looks very nice. I can understand that you would like to own it now. who has got it? Nice and interesting post.

  8. Great details! Thanks for sharing the in-depth analysis!



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