Monday, August 2, 2010

Will of Elizabeth C. Piggott (With a Little Madness Monday)

Saturday, July 31 I finally received the long awaited will of my great-great grandma Piggott.  I should have received at quite a bit earlier, but the fiscal department of the Idaho State Archives Library neglected to tell the librarian that they had received my money order July 8. It was July 22 when I decided I had better send them an email to see what was going on.

I actually forgot to check the mail Saturday.  Sunday when hubby got out of the truck to check the mail before we headed down the lane to the house I noticed that he was holding what looked like two small manila envelopes before he got back into the truck. Then I thought to myself, Could that be the 53 page will I have been expecting? No, surely they wouldn't have......Sure as $#it the mail carrier folded my legal size manila envelope in half and shoved it in the mailbox!! I was fuming, and that wasn't the worst of it. Just look at what this package went through:

I mean, it literally looks like it was ran over by a truck! That is not what I expect $49.50 package to look like! It's a darn good thing there wasn't any pictures in there.  The papers seemed to be alright, except for a big bow in the middle from being folded over.

Okay, I have ranted enough -- on to the will. I never realized there was so much involved with processing a will.  These are all the documents that were included in her probate file:
  1. The will itself.
  2. E-4014 - Petition for Probate of Will.
  3. 346 - Order Appointing Time.
  4. 337 - Notice For Publication of Time, Etc.
  5. 385 - Testimony of Applicant on Probate of Will.
  6. 384 - Testimony of Subscribing Witnesses on Probate of Will.
  7. 312 - Certificate of Proof of Will and the Facts Found.
  8. Order Admitting Will to Probate.
  9. Letters Testamentary.  D-3097
  10. 345 - Order Appointing Appraisers.
  11. 323 - Inventory and Appraisement.
  12. 357 - Order of Publication of Notice to Creditors.
  13. Publishers Certificate. (Two of them)
  14. 300 - Account.
  15. 368 - Petition for Distribution of Estate.
  16. Order Appointing Day of Settlement of Account and Directing Notice to be Given.
  17. Notice of Hearing of Final Account and Petition for Distribution.
  18. Affidavit of Posting Notice.
  19. Decree of Settlement of Account.
  20. and last, but not least. Decree of Distribution of Estate.
Today I want to share the will itself with you.

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  1. How exciting, and it will keep you busy for a while. Guess will copies are getting mighty expensive these days. Glad you at least got it.



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