Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wordless Wednesday -- Piggotts During Harvest 1917


  1. This is an amazing photograph, with only hay (or straw) surrounding them. I think it's interesting that the women are smiling, but the men are not (or maybe it's a half-smile). I also notice that two of the men have on jackets and vests! Do you have any details about this photo? Great photo!

  2. Unfortunately I have no details about this picture. My uncle just emailed it to me a couple of weeks ago. It came from a photo album that belonged to my great grandmother (the one wearing the apron). She had all the photos labeled on the back, and then she glued them all in the album (oops). Her niece, my new found cousin, went through the album and redid it labeling the photos underneath and unfortunately all the labeling that grandma Hazel did was hard to read after being glued to something so she could only label the ones that she knew.

    I have been searching for a photo of the two men wearing vests for quite a while. They are the half brothers to my 2nd great-grandma Piggott and the uncles of great-grandpa Piggott (the one in the middle). They are the Taylor brothers and unfortunately I don't know which one is which.



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