Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tombstone Tuesday - Thomas E. Taylor

Thomas Edwards Taylor was born 15 September 1850 in Salt Lake, Utah to Charles Barber and Mary Edwards Taylor. He died 28 January 1922 in Bloomington, Idaho and is buried in the Bloomington Cemetery.

He has one full brother, Charles Edwards Taylor and they are the half brothers of my gr-great-grandmother Elizabeth Cannonn Piggott.

A few weeks ago my uncle sent me this Piggott Family photo that includes the Taylor brothers, but unfortunately I don't know which one is which.

Taylor Brother 1

Taylor Brother 2
Neither one of the Taylor boys got married. Would love to know about them.


  1. They look like a couple of very interesting uncles. I have no kids, and I hope some day some great great great great niece of mine looks across the ages and sees the glint in my eye as well.

  2. surprising that both did not get married.



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