Monday, October 4, 2010

Amanuensis Monday - Estate of Dorthea Madsen

I found this envelope among grandma Hazel's stuff.

Inside was a handwritten copy of the Letters Testamentary in the Matter of the Estate of Dorthea Madsen. I am hoping to get copies of the original probate record, but for now I am going to go ahead and transcribe this piece.

In the probate Court
     of the
County of Bear Lake of State of Idaho
In the matter of the Estate of |
Dortha Madsen                  |
        Deceased.              |
State of Idaho                 |
        County of Bear Lake    |SS.
The last Will of Dortha Madsen 
deceased a copy of which is herto annexed having been proved and recorded in the
probate court of the said county of Bear Lake
State of Idaho. Niels Madsen aged 44
years who is named therein as such is here
by appointed Executor.

         Witness James H. Hart
         Clerk of the probate court of the said
         county of Bear Lake with the seal of
         the court affixed the thirtieth day of       
         March 1891.
      By order of the court x
                          x G. C.
                         By     Deputy Clerk
State of Idaho     }
County of Bear Lake} SS

I do solemnly swear that I will support the
constitution of the United States and of the
State and that I will faithfully perform according to law the duties

of Executor of the last Will and Testament
of Dortha Madsen deceased
                      Niels Madsen

Subscribed and sworn to before me this
30th day of March 1891 |
                       | G. C. Potter
                        ______ clerk
                                  Deputy Clerk

Recorded M.B. page
In the probate Court
County of Bear Lake.
In the matter of the Estate of
Dortha Deceased.
Letters Testamentary
Filed          clerk
By Deputy      clerk
Attorney for petitioner.

Leslie Ann

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