Monday, October 18, 2010

History 101 - John T. Barker, Jr Family History

This month's Family History is going to last all week. I just finished transcribing a nine page, legal size history that was handwritten by my great aunt Adelia. I don't want to post it all at once because it is a lot to read and besides; I want to keep you coming back for more (big grin).

 John T. Barker, Jr Family History By, Adelia Barker Scofield

Barker Family - Esther, Blanche, John T., Adelia

John was the oldest son of John T. Barker, Sr & Jane Pickett.  He was born Nov 22, 1872 at St. Charles, Bear Lake, Idaho. He married Esther Eleanor Henderson Sept 18, 1902.  Civil marriage at Laketown, Rich, Utah.  Later the marriage (was) solemnized in the Logan Temple and daughters Adelia & Blanche were sealed to them 26 June 1918.

He lived in St. Charles all of his life except for a short period of time when he went to Canada.  He drove cattle for a big rancher named Pixley in Wyoming.  He worked for him a lot to earn a living for years in fact.  He also worked for Hyrum Nebeker for several years.  Nebeker was a sheep and cattle rancher on the east side of Bear Lake someone had told him he had to milk cows and he said he wasn’t going to milk cows for any d. dutchman and he found out later Nebeker was of Dutch descent.

John was one the church chose to go to Canada and help colonize there, but for some reason the quota was filled and he didn’t go.  I guess he was married then, they wouldn’t send a single man.  He built a house out in the north field.  I was born while they lived there.  I remember mother had strawberry patch and she raised some flowers,  sweet williams,  roses, etc, and she would carry water up a small hill from the creek to water them, she loved flowers and so did I.  I am sure that father’s brothers must have helped him build that house.  Uncle Elias lived there later after he was married, as my grandma  Jane Barker passed away in 1907 and I was four years old then.  My father and mother moved into grandpa’s home to take care of him and the younger girls Alice, Zina, and Amos were still unmarried.  He helped maintain the home farm and kept the family together.  Some of the older girls & boys were married then.  Grandpa Barker was disabled and unable to work much, so he and mother took care of him and the younger girls.

Because he was faithful to stay and help with the family until they all  married, and grandpa until he passed away in 1911, grandpa Barker deeded the farm, property and home to my father.  Some of his brothers and sisters, I say some not all were unhappy about this and wanted their share, but it was all right for them to go away on their own and never share any of the responsibility so they hired a lawyer and were going to take it to court.  
Father didn’t have any money to pay them off, but he had a good friend and cousin Will Clark, who advised him to get an attorney and he did.  Harris from Pocatello, Ida.  It was settled out of court and the family all of them were awarded grandma Barker’s share of the estate which was $1,200.  Will Clark loaned dad the money at 10% interest way back about in 1913.

The Barker family home where Blanche was born.
To be continued.......

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