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John T Barker, Jr Family History - Page 2

(If you missed page 1, you can find it here: History 101: John T Barker, Jr  Family History)

Father settled down to work for himself now the farm and property was his .  With what cattle he had he started (to) raise Herefords and to build up a herd of beef cattle.  He also started a herd of Guernsey’s. He had purebreds and one of the finest Guernsey herd of cows in Bear Lake.  He was a good dairyman.  He raised pigs, sheep & chickens, turkeys, & geese.  It was a very diversified farm. For his crops they were also diversified , he raised alfalfa, wheat, oats, barley & potatoes.  They tried to raise sugar beets one year but they didn’t do well, the season was too short.  He would feed the barley and wheat to the cows, pigs & chickens, and he used to haul his potatoes to Evanston, Wyo. By team & wagon.  For wild hay and pasture he fed the stock cattle that, and grain & alfalfa and barley to the cows.  He always raised good crops, high yield per acre.

He was very neat and precise, a little slow & quite fussy so it took him longer to accomplish what other men did and he had no boys to help him.  His home and garden were always free of weeds and neat.  Mother worked along with him outside, growing all kinds of vegetables.  They raised a big patch of raspberries (choice) and people wouldn’t pay more than .20 cents a quart for them, also had gooseberries, red & white currants.  There was always plenty of thick cream and I would rather have some plum jam with cream on it and a piece of good bread and butter than all the cake you could give me.  Esther was noted for her good sweet cream butter she would take it to the stores and trade it and eggs for groceries. Everyone wanted mother’s butter, there was never enough to go around.

Copy of ad that was placed in the Paris Post Newspaper

Because he was faithful to stay and take care of the farm and grandpa, and until his sisters and brothers were all married off, the brothers and sisters weren’t too happy about dad getting the property.  But mother & dad were good to those who still lived in Bear Lake. They would stay there after they were married and feed their horses and they would all come there to have their babies and mother would take care of the mother and babe, wash on the board for all of them, cook, wash dishes.  There was no electricity then and it is no wonder that it took years for them to get ahead.  They all came Barkers and Hendersons, Amos, Hyrum, Aunt Pearl and Aunt Alice loved the folks for they did so much for them and they weren’t in on the suit, but Zina, Ephraim, Elias & Mary Sorenson were and Elias’s wife Effie, and Uncle Eph and Henry Sorenson Mary’s husband were the worst ones.  They lived in Smithfield, Utah.  I always loved Uncle Elias and Amos they were so good to  me when I was a little girl.  Aunt Alice & Pearl were my favorite ants on papa’s side.  Josie & Aunt Mary on mother’s side. I never knew aunt Florence very well she moved away. & Of course I liked aunt Hattie too.

To be continued....

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