Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sepia Saturday - Buck Family Home in England

I was so excited when I got this photo in the mail today.

I was looking through some of my Buck genealogy and remembered that this photo existed and wondered why I didn't have a copy. It was in grandma Smedley's genealogy book that I used to look through every time I was at her house. I figured that aunt Cloree had her book now so I called her and asked if she would send me a copy.

The photo is of my great-great grandpa and grandma  Buck and their family in front of their house in Arnold, Nottinghamshire, England. Unfortunately it isn't dated and there are no names listed.  I estimated it to have been taken in late 1890 or early 1891 because gr-great-grandpa died Mar 1891 and the youngest child was born Jan 1889.

I know for sure which one is the father, but the others I identified from their birth dates and photos of the children when they were grown.

The two boys in front of the white fence Leonard and Ernest Buck. In the right hand corner is Sybil, gr-great-grandma Nancy holding Adela, and Percival. Standing behind the shrubs are Jim, Luther, Flora, Ida (great-grandma Smedley), gr-great-grandpa James, and Gertrude.

I don't know why, but this picture of James Buck always reminded me of a pirate from an old black and white movie. But he wasn't a swash buckler, he was a coal miner.


  1. Oh how wonderfully funny to see them looking over the top of the hedge. It's almost one of those hidden picture images. "There are twelve people hidden in this photo. Can you find all twelve?" It's a really wonderful photo. And great you know the names of them.

  2. Such a wonderful photo. The house and garden look lovely..and the family behind the shrubs. I wonder was it a farm house.

  3. What wonderful photo, I love the house. It reminds me of a house my friends lived in in Kent. I love it how everyone is both behind the hedge and in front of it and not all formally posed as a group.

  4. In first looking at the photo my attention was captured by the beautiful house and its tile roof. (It's a very large, grand house for a coal miner!) Then you mentioned the people and I went back to have a look. It's an interesting photograph because the people are standing so apart from each other, either separately or in small groups. How kind of your aunt to make a copy for you - and of you to share it with us!



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