Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Carnival of Genealogy, 100th Edition - There's one in every family!

The topic for this 100th edition of the COG is "There's one in every family!", I have been pondering this statement for a couple of weeks now. What is there one of in my family?

There is no black sheep, lone wolf, or blue-ribbon cook, and I only wish there was a story-teller. I don't think there is a geek, but my nephew called me a computer nerd once.

As for a family recipe, there really isn't one, however mom's barbecue is way better than Manwhich. I couldn't share that recipe with you because then I would have to kill you (actually, I don't know the recipe). I have never made it. Hubby doesn't like barbecue or any kind of sloppy joe stuff. (I know, that's almost un american!)Sister makes it all the time though.

So here's what I came up with. Every family has an inherited trait or characteristic, or even a family resemblance, right? The most prominent family trait we have, I call -

The PRICE lips, courtesy of my 3rd great-grandfather, Simon Price. Just check out the seven generations of full, voluptuous lips:

(Don't pay attention to my drawing.  I couldn't draw a straight line if my life depended on it!)

The SMEDLEY calves - Sister and I have these big solid thick calves. I mean, knee socks - it ain't happenin'. Dad would always say, "You girls have the Smedley calves.  I have never actually seen or checked out any of my aunt's calves so I am taking his word on this one.

Then there's the PIGGOTT walk - Mom, sister, brother, and I all walk the same. If I recall, I think one of my aunt's has this same walk. Picture this, years ago when mom worked at the Holiday Inn my step-cousin's husband gave her the nickname "Daffy" because of her "waddle". Let me tell ya, we sometimes get grief from our spouses.

Check out these family resemblances:

I found this fun little Family Traits Trivia game.  

Can you roll your tongue? Do you have a hitchhiker's thumb or a widow's peak? Check out these Myths of Human Genetics

Well I am going to take my big calves and waddle on out of here (I need some chapstick).


  1. What an enjoyable read this was. It was pointed out to me by my UK relations that many of us Hughes has large toes that point outward. I had to take off my shoes and sure enough.....I have 'em too....LOL

  2. Oh, what a great interpretation of the COG subject! Those are some really strong genes. Loved the pictures!

  3. A very creative way to approach the COG topic! I really enjoyed your post!

  4. Very enjoyable read. Yet another way to look at genealogy!

  5. Wonderful fun! No arguing with those pictures. Great post.



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