Friday, December 17, 2010

Advent calendar of Christmas Day 17 - My Grab Bag of Memories

As I reach into my grab bag of Christmas memories I could pull out a favorite toy, an experience, or even an incident.  Which ever it may be, it is without a label of date,time or order (that's how jumbled my memory is). What? It happens.

One of my earliest favorite Christmas toys was the Fisher Price circus ring.

And then there was the Sprirograph and Easy bake oven.

I remember one year my little brother got a Whirly Bird for Christmas. You know, the little helicopter hooked to a battery operated thingy by a foot long black plastic piece and you pushed a lever and it flew round and round in a circle.  He and my dad sat on the kitchen floor and played with it. Mom's got a picture of it (dang, I wish she had a computer).  I thought it was cool, dad sitting on the floor playing with toys. Come to think of it, Santa might have given that to dad.

I loved Christmas mornings! Not only because of the neat stuff that Santa brought, but the fact that we had breakfast together. Dad would make pancakes. A couple of Christmases he had to make potato pancakes.  The second time he did it I thought to myself, please dad -- don't ruin Christmas by putting potatoes in my pancakes -- yuk!!  But really, there is nothing better than Christmas pancakes.


  1. I am so envious of your Christmas memories. I've no recollection of Christmas's past. So I enjoy stories like this one.

  2. I had the Fisher Price Circus too and I loved it! Spent hours playing with it. I still have it and it makes me happy just to look at it every now and then. Thanks for sharing your memories--they brought back some of my own!



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