Friday, December 24, 2010

Friend of Friends Friday - Rhode Island General Court of Trials 1677

The following transcriptions are from the book Rhode Island General Court of Trials 1671-1704, by Jane Fletcher Fiske.

At a Genrl Court of Tryalls held in his Majties 
Name at Newport the 7th of May 1677

Whereas James Case was bound for the appeareance of Salvadore a Negro at this Court and the said Case haveinge brought into court the said Negro and desireinge to be Released of his Bonds: The Court doe see cause to Release the said Case, and doe com[m]itt the said Negro Salvadore to the keeper of the Jayle to be secured till cald for by the Court. (pg 53)

Upon an Indictment by the Genrl Aturny against Joseph a Negro, for that the said Negro was suspected to have a hand in burninge the wind-mill, and cutting the sayles from Thomas Goulds boate. The said Negro beinge a prisoner and brought into the court and his charge read unto him, and askt whither guilty or not guilty, pleads not Guilty. The Jurrys verdict not Guilty. Cleerd by proclamation in open court paying ffees. (pg 54)

Upon an Indictment by the Genrl Aturny against Salvadore a Negro ffor ffelloniously takeinge two bags or sacks, and cuttinge Thomas Goulds sayles and Burninge the windmill -- The said Negro beinge brought into the Court, and his charges read unto him, and he askt whither Guilty or  not Guilty pleads not Guilty: The Jurrys verdict not Guilty -- cleerd by proclamation paying ffees. In this tryall John Woodman was on the jurry insteed of John Easton Junr (pg 54)

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