Tuesday, March 29, 2011

52 Weeks of Personal Genealogy - Sweets

Sweets - I can see them now. Carrot Cake, Cheese Cake, and a pumpkin pie dancing in my head (no sugar plums here).  You know I am going to want a piece when I am done here.  Luckily, I don't have any on hand so I can easily tell them "no."

The best sweet treat of all really came from grandma Smedley's cookie jar.  Her homemade chocolate chip cookies.

But the penny candies from aunt Jean's store come in a close second! Yes, I said "penny" candies. Serious, they only cost a penny (I know some of you remember).

When we were in the Bear Lake Valley visiting relatives we never went back home without a little brown paper sack full of penny candies from the Chevron station/store that aunt Jean and uncle Mike used to own. Of course my favorite was the Swedish fish.

Then there were the gummy berries.

Can't forget the Sixlets.

Then there were this yummy licorice treats stuffed with cream filling.  The strawberry flavor had yellow filling and the chocolate licorice had chocolate filling.  They don't make them anymore, but I found something that kind of looks like it:

Word of advice - If you have to have a jawbreaker, DON'T TRY TO CHOMP ON IT (unless you like to go to the dentist)!

And definitely can't forget about the allsorts
When I was in grade school there used to be this old mom and pop store called McMonigal's.  We would go over there at lunch time and buy nickel and dime candy (I know, it sounds weird). My favorite thing to get there was; of course, the above mentioned penny candies and Bub's Daddy bubble gum ropes, Tootsie-pops, Charms sweet and sour pops, Lollies, Pixie Stix, Bottle caps, and Wacky Wafers.

If you there was an Indian chief on your wrapper, you  could trade it for a free Tootsie pop.

If you are ever in the mood for some retro candy, check this site out => Old Time Candy.

Thanks to Amy Coffin at We Tree for coming up with this series.


  1. yes, i remember penny candy. i remember walking home from school and stopping at the little store near my house, could get a soda, candy and ice cream all for 50 cents. thanks for sharing the memories!

  2. Well you dated me....yes, I remember penny candy and candybars for a nickle. Probably one of the reasons I had to have so many fillings when I was a kid....lol Sugar Daddy's were one of my favs....a sure method to pull fillings out!



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