Monday, April 4, 2011

Amanuensis Monday - 1953 Letter from Lillie Cornia

This letter was among the second batch of grandma Hazel's ephemera.  It was written to grandma Hazel by Lillie Cornia.  Lillie is the daughter of John Rich and Mary Elizabeth Piggott South (my great grand aunt) which makes her my first cousin twice removed.

                  Woodruff, Utah
                      April 24, 1953 
Dear Aunt Hazel & Uncle Will.
     We are sorry we can't
make it down to the reception.
We'd love to come but the men
are too tired when hight comes
to feel like making the trip. We
do hope you have a nice one.
We are sending our gifts down
and also the genealogy you
asked for. I am also sending
a couple of pictures, one of
Grandma (that I'm sure Uncle
Will will recognize) and the other
is her mother.  I had them  made
up while I was working in the
Temple and doing a little work.
in genealogy. (page 1)
     We are all fine and
enjoying spring weather. This
past week has been grand.
    Maynie wanted me to
come down & get the gifts
in the mail tonight this
afternoon, but I was a little
late (I washed) and he was
a little early so you & Rebecca
can blame me for not being
able to get them down in time
for the reception. Our mail man
doesn't make connections with the
Bear Lake mail man in the
morning.  We are sorry but hope
she liked them any way.

The reception she is referring to is that of my great aunt Rebecca Piggott Gardiner, who was Hazel's daughter.

Amanuensis Monday is an ongoing series created by John Newmark at Transylvanian Dutch.


  1. This is a sweet letter! I read that she was working in the temple...are you LDS?

  2. Lillie Cornia was my Great Grandmother. She was an amazing woman whom I loved dearly and always admired. It is truly heartwarming to read her words. I smiled as I read her comments about her sister, Mayme.



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