Friday, July 22, 2011

52 Weeks of Personal Genealogy & History - Water

My favorite body of water is Bear Lake.  It has been called the "Caribbean of the Rockies" for it's turquoise-blue colors.  I have seen it three different colors of blue at one time. It's the most beautiful lake I have ever seen!

It's a natural fresh water lake and lies on the border of Idaho and Utah.  I remember several occasions when I pleaded with dad to drive around the lake.  We didn't get to do it very often.  You can bet that when I started driving to Bear Lake myself I drove around it plenty of times.

We would start on US Hwy 89 driving through St. Charles, Idaho following the highway through Fish Haven, Idaho. Then follow Utah State Hwy 30 through Garden City, Pickleville, Laketown.  Then hang a left off of the Hwy to drive along the east side of the lake.  We then come out at the North Beach in St. Charles, Idaho.  That is the beach we always went to when we were kids.

On the east side is where there are some nice beach houses and condos.  Merlin Olsen had a home on the lake.  On the Idaho side there are campgrounds along the east beach. The marina and resorts are in Garden City.

Have you heard about the legend of the "Bear Lake Monster"? Yes, he has quite a reputation. I never have seen him though.

It was always a treat to go to the lake when we were visiting with the grandparents.  When we were kids some of the Poulsen family reunions were held at Ted and Vilate  Poulsen's summer home on the lake in Fish Haven.  Ted was my first cousin once removed and grandma Smedley's nephew.  Ted's descendants still spend summers there on the lake.  Aunt Cloree lives in a house right across the street.  There is an awesome view of the lake from her front yard.

Brother, me, cousin Kim, sister at Poulsen reunion

View of Bear Lake from aunt Cloree's house

I had some good times with my own kids as well.

In 1996 hubby and I spent our first camping trip together (before he was my hubby) at Bear Lake.  We camped on the east side in Idaho at a little campground.  There's  nothing like sleeping out under the stars!

Have you heard of the little old lady that lived in a shoe?  Well if you keep going past the campground, on your left before you get to North Beach you will see her house.  Really, it's there.  I have a picture.

The house that looks like a shoe.

Our last time at Bear Lake together 2002.

Thanks to Amy Coffin at We Tree for coming up with this series.

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