Friday, September 16, 2011

52 Weeks of Personal Genealogy & History - Earliest Memory

I remember quite a few things from when I was a toddler. Some people say, "How can you remember that?" Doesn't everyone? I can't be the only one who recalls things from the toddler years.

This was my favorite nightgown, and my favorite baby bottle. My favorite Gerber dish was bananas (okay it still is). And I was a thumb sucker.

I remember piggy back rides and sitting on daddy's foot and going for a ride. I even remember crawling around on the hard wood floors, but I think the earliest thing I recall is teething.

I can feel it right now. Just thinking about it makes me want to get a chew toy. That's a feeling that I will never forget. My gums would throb in an itchy kind of way. Oh misery! Mommy please make it stop!

Yanking on my gums with my fat little fingers didn't always work.  I spent plenty of time gnawing on the edge of the crib in search of comfort.

And about the thumb-sucking, for some reason mommy didn't want me doing that.  She had to go and ruin the flavor of my thumb by wiping some cayenne pepper kinda stuff on it. Ya'll that's some nasty shit do do (I can see daddy laughing now)!

Now this became a ritual.  Getting my thumb soaked with yuck before going to bed.  One night mom forgot. And you know what I did? I stuck my thumb in the air just waiting for her to put some of that stuff on it (I must have known I needed help).

Unfortunately my oldest and youngest kids inherited the thumb-sucking gene.  I didn't think they would ever quit!

Thanks to Amy Coffin at We Tree for coming up with this series.


  1. It's really amazing and special that you can remember that far back. The earliest I remember is nine months old. But mostly, I remember the love.

  2. That is amazing that you can remember so far back! My earliest memory is 23 months (and most people I know think that is very early!) and the earliest of anyone I know is 10 months.

  3. P.S. You were such a beautiful baby!



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