Friday, September 23, 2011

Tackling the Tiddemans

While I am waiting for the documents I ordered from the UK I have become fixated on eight great-grandpa Captain Edmond Tiddeman. I eat, drink, and sleep Tiddeman. Literally. The other night I was dreaming about all the different ways I have seen this name spelled: 

Tideman, Tiddeman, Tiddiman, Tidyman, Tidman, Titman, Tediman, 
Teddiman, Teddeman, Tyddiman, Tyddeyman, Tyddeman, Tidyman .  

I'm sure I forgot a few.  All these different spellings flashed around in my dream and I was awakened by hubby asking, "Did you take care of all those ghosts?"  So apparantly while I was seeing Tiddeman I was talking about ghosts!  I think grandpa Tiddeman is haunting me!

Edmond Tiddeman was a mariner and a Quaker. He is listed as a sufferer in "A Collection of Sufferings of the People Called Quakers", by Joseph Besse.  It took a lot of googling, but I finally found this book online and if you have Quakers, it is well worth a look.  The following excerpt comes from page 462 of Vol I:

On the 4th of the Month called March 1683, at Horslydown, the Friends, being kept out of their Meeting-house, were assembled after their usual Manner in the Street, when the Constables came and took away William Shewin, Anthony Tomkins, Joseph Wase, Edmund Tiddeman, Richard Post, Thomas Lurting, Joseph Rawbone, John Bridges, John Holliday, George Bradford, Edmund Curle, and Percival Parsons, whom they carried before William Spiers, a Justice at the Bridge-house, who committed them all to the Counter in Tooly-street as Rioters.

I believe the Counter he was held it was Borough Compter. I don't know how long he was held there, but he was released before April 3rd of 1683 because that's when he is found in the New Jersey Colonial Documents:

1683 April 4. Do. William WELCH of London, merchant, to Edmond TIDEMAN of Redrith, Co. of Surrey, mariner, for 1-12 of a share of the Province, to contain at least 1,600 acres.*
Thomas Teddeman by Peter Lely, 1666,
part of the 
Flagmen of Lowestoft series

Edmond is said to be from a distinguished Navy family and ship owners from Dover which makes me almost certain that he is related to Rear Admiral Thomas Teddeman.  I just need to figure out how.

Thomas knew William Penn before he turned Quaker and Edmond traveled with him in 1672 on a religious visit through Kent.

I was able to get Captain Edmond's will, but it still leaves me with questions.

Google led me to this family tree on Rootsweb that says Edmond's parents are Thomas Tiddeman and Katherine Woodgreene, but she has no sources.  I sent her an email and am awaiting a reply.

Luckily I was able to find and purchase the will for Edmund Woodgreene, a possible grandfather for the Captain, from National Archives UK (I should take stock in their company), but I would still like to find some baptism records or something.

Now it's the weekend so I am taking a Tiddeman break!

* NEW JERSEY COLONIAL RECORDS, West Jersey Records: Part 4 - Volume 21 Calendar of Records 1664-1703

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  1. I have a few ancestors that haunt me too! I have actually dreamed of census records. Pages of records just swirling around in my dreams. Your Captain Tiddeman was quite an interesting fellow.



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