Thursday, October 13, 2011

52 Weeks of Personal Genealogy & History - Teachers

I had a few favorite teachers from my school days. Not because they inspired me or anything. I hated school!  They were my favorite because they were cool, fun, or didn't put me to sleep. My favorite subject was choir and lunch time.  I loved school lunches especially on Friday. Pizza and peanut butter squares - yum!

My first grade teacher in 1968 was Mrs. Sakalaris at Jefferson elementary. She wore one of those Beehive hairdos. At the end of each school day she would sit at the piano and play, what I call "The Goodbye Song".  The whole class would sing along.... "Goodbye school, goodbye teacher, goodbye desk, (etc..), it's time to say goodbye!" It was fun. We loved it.

My second grade teacher was Mrs. Jones.  I remember a day in her class around Thanksgiving time.  She wrote the first sentence of a Thanksgiving story on the board and we were to  write the rest of the story in our notebooks.  I got an outstanding grade on mine.  I will never forget when I showed it to dad. He never believed that I wrote it! I was proud of that story and daddy never believed that I wrote it on my own.  Broke my heart.

I think Mrs. Wise was my most favorite teacher of all.  She was my 3rd grade teacher.  One day for show and tell I took my glass collection.  Little pieces of glass. Brown ones, blue ones, green ones and any other color I could find. I used to wash them in the sink.  For some reason mom and dad didn't like the idea of me playing with glass (really?) so they made me get rid of it.  I was mad.  The very next day I went to school Mrs. Wise gave me some sandpaper for my collection so I could smooth them out. I thought that was the coolest thing! Then I felt really sad cause she had gone to that trouble for me and mom and dad made me throw them all away!

Mrs. Stephenson was my 4th grade teacher.  She reminded me of my grandma.  I loved story time when she  read Charlotte's Webb to us.

Once I got into junior high and high school I didn't have favorite teachers.  But, there were teachers that I didn't like. I take that back.  I did have one favorite teacher in high school.  Mr. Denkers was my choir teacher. He was just a fun guy.

Well, then there was Mr. Bucholtz.  He was my government teacher when I was a senior.  Unfortunately I wasn't lucky enough to get him the first semester.  I had to settle for the girl's basketball coach.  I kid you  not, I fell asleep in his class every day. He was a jock.  Need I say more?

Thanks to Amy Coffin at We Tree for coming up with this series.

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