Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Reminiscing - Before Twitter

Before there was ICQ, AIM, chatrooms, Facebook and even Twitter, there was the cb radio.

Do you ever reminisce about your childhood when you're just sitting there with your cup of coffee? Or maybe a song on the radio reminds you of something from your past.  Then there are those pleasant aromas that take you back somewhere else. Or maybe you're just feeling gushy and delve into your memories.  That's all me. You're probably wondering what all this has to do with cb radios. Well, I'll tell you.

I've decided to start a series called Reminiscing. Sort of installments of my personal history or my memoirs for the descendants. So when ever I am in a reminiscing mood, you will hear about it.  Guess what I was reminiscing about?

I found this blog post "Does Twitter Remind You of Anything" that compares Twitter to the cb.  You should check it out.

My handle was Street Singer. I met my first serious boyfriend on the cb in 1978. His handle was Caveman.  "Breaker,breaker. Caveman, are you by (the radio)?" He drove a mustang.  It was sweet!

Me and my best friend Jeep Freak used to spend hours in our parents vehicles talking on the cb when they would let us. And then I was caught talking on Rob & Karen's cb when I was babysitting for them.  They were out with my mom and dad. Let's just say that didn't go to well.

So I have this list of all the people I used to talk with on the cb. I knew most of their real names. There were nine that I didn't know. And yes they were all boys. Except for the first 3. Those were girlfriends.

Jeep Freak
Little Shake
Dream Weaver
Hot Wheeler
Sky One
Gypsy Blue
Eagle Freedom
Egg Head
Big Biker
Cat Fish
Doobie Brother
Alley Oop
Tyhee Fats
Chatter Bug
Ram Rod
Quiz Master
Boy Wonder
Paper Boy
Pole Bender
Cave Man

What was your cb handle?

This is Street Singer KNZ22, singing off. We gone.

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