Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Scrappin' Family Calendars

Every year I make a family calendar for Christmas. It's something my family looks forward to.  For the last couple of years, that's all they get for Christmas from me cause I is po!

For the calendar days I use Hallmark Card Studio. Unfortunately I am still using the 2007 version, but it's still the best calendar making software I have found.  One of these days I will update it.

For the photo pages I have been using an old photo editing software.  I'm talkin' old, like 1999! One of these days I will update that too.

This is the first year I am using brand new software, and scrapbook software at that! And it's all thanks to Caroline at Family Stories! The My Memories Suite scrapbook software is awesome!

I try to sneak a little family history in with the calendars.  This is what I did this year using, of course, Mymemories:

So thank you C for making my calendar making easier and funner! And, thanks for getting me hooked on scrapping ;-)


  1. That looks great Leslie! I keep saying I'm going to make a calendar but it never happens! I need to shoot for 2013!!

  2. I make family calendars each year for Christmas gifts: three different calendars. One for my husband's family; one for my brothers and the one for our children combines the other two. I have been using MyPublisher. I like it because I can both add photos to the top and to the actual dates. I can show all the family birthdays, anniversaries, etc. People look forward to this gift each year but it does take lots of time.

  3. Yeah Hallmark is a good one but I can never left Greeting Design Studio program for my greeting card designing. It is so easy and have so many great card template designs that I can not even think of moving from it ;)



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