Thursday, January 19, 2012

Treasure Chest Thursday - A Bowl of Nuts

You may remember (or not) that I was able to escape for a week to visit the family in Idaho last November (still paying for it).

I rummaged through all of my stuff that still sits in mom's basement and fit what I could in my suitcases.  I took pictures of everything else.  Well not everything, just the sentimental stuff.

This nut bowl belonged to grandma Smedley. It's one of the things I was able to fit in my suitcase.  Of course I had to bring it back, being so close to Christmas and everything.  It used to sit on grandma's card table at Christmas time.  The same card table that I used to sit at and copy pages of family group sheets by hand. With an ink pen. Did I mention by hand?

I think I remember grandpa sitting in his recliner with this bowl full of nuts on his lap just a cracking and eating. Oh but, these nuts are fresh only two months old.

Dad used to sit in his recliner and crack nuts too.  We didn't have a fancy nut bowl though.  I do now. Nut anybody?


  1. My grandparents had one just like it. Wish I had it now. Enjoy!

  2. We had a nut bowl very similar to this with smooth finished wood on the inside and bark on the outside. Ours was slightly different in that there was a holder for the cracker and picks in the middle. They stood up in their allotted holes. My mom always filled it at Christmas time, too.



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