Thursday, March 1, 2012

Treasure Chest Thursday - Poem For Grandma

While I was in Idaho last year visiting the family naturally I rummaged through all the old photos and envelopes full of ephemera.  Mom had an envelope full of newspaper clippings and letters and stuff that belonged to grandma Dunn.  I found this poem inside that I had written and sent to her.

I don't even remember writing this poem.  It's dated February 19, 1988 so I am assuming that I sent it to her for her birthday which was February 22.

                                Feb 18, 1988
I remember when I was young
the times we spent together
just you and I
When we slept in your bed
and I felt blue
I started to cry
And you would too.
I remember the ice cream sundaes
the cookies and cakes
and then later on
the tummy aches
But most of all I remember
The special way you made me feel
We were special buddies
And we always will
I love you grandma
Even more as time goes by
childhood memories make me smile
And your the reason why
                              Love, Leslie

I am so glad she saved this.


  1. Thank you for sharing your wonderful poem, Leslie Ann.
    It's a real treasure.

    I'm a son of Robert McKinnon and Roene Price.

    1. Well howdy cuz! You and I are second cousins once removed through Robert Price.

      Thanks so much for stopping by.

  2. What a neat thing to find! I'm sure your grandma considered it one of her treasures. And I love the scrapbook page you made with it :)

  3. What a treasure! Lovely story, Leslie Ann!

  4. Beautiful as always! Love your creativity and your poem obviously meant a lot to your Grandma. Jen

  5. Love this beautiful visual display of personal history, Leslie Ann! Thanks for sharing!



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