Thursday, April 19, 2012

Treasure Chest Thursday - 1908 Postcard

This cool looking postcard was among the ephemera that grandma Hazel saved.  It is also one that mom kept for herself so I had to scan it with my handy magic wand while I was there last November.

The postcard was addressed to Wm C Piggott, Cokeville, Wyo, Box 51. It is postmarked Bloomington, Idaho 1908. In case you were wondering that is my great-grandpa and grandma Hazel's hubby.

For some reason the author felt the need to write on the postcard sideways. Oh, probably because he had "an awful good time" the night before.

hello old man how are
you I am back to B. L
When are you coming home
would like to see you
and have a time and more
Well write soon your
old time kid
J P H  Bloomington
Not sure about the  lingo back then, but I think maybe this fellow wanted to have more "awful good times" with gramps.

I am also not sure who J P H was, but I think it's John Philip Hulme. Not sure. Just a theory.

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  1. Love this old post card. You don't see very many of them around these days...heck, you don't see letters either, just



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