Thursday, April 5, 2012

Treasure Chest Thursday - Application For Release of Mortgaged Property

I thought I would stay with the 1940 theme in sharing my treasured family document today.  This piece of ephemera comes from my special shoe box. It is an application for release of mortgaged property.

Calvin B. Smedley and Grace E. Smedley of Paris, Bear Lake, Idaho filed or recorded in the Recorder's office of Bear Lake County, Idaho to wit:
Lien Instrument - Crop & Chattel Mortgage
Mortgage - FSA
Date of Instrument - 6-26-40
Date Filed - 8-20-40

Lien Instrument - Crop & Chattel Mortgage
Mortgage - FSA
Date of Instrument - 8-25-41
Date Filed - 9-20-41

The property released was one cow.  He sold it to R. Bekendam of California for $110 so he could pay on his FSA loan.  It was dated November 14, 1941 and signed by Henry E. Jenkins, County RR Supervisor.

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