Monday, May 21, 2012

Amanuensis Monday - Miles Austin Marriage Certificate

As mentioned in last Tuesday's post, Miles Austin has been a brick wall ancestor of my hubby's for quite a while.

One of my new Austin contacts had found information about a second marriage for Miles and brought it to my attention.  It was found on Familysearch and because there was no indication of exactly where this information came from I was skeptical.

Luckily my other new Austin contact was able to get a hold of the copy of the original marriage certificate.

To the Clerk of the County Court of
Wythe Co. in the State of Virginia
     I HEREBY CERTIFY, That the following is a correct Statement of a
Marriage solemnized by me in the County aforesaid:
Date of Marriage,  April 15th 1858
Place of Marriage,  Wytheville
Full Names of Parties married,  Miles Austin & Lucinda Shelton
Age of Husband, -- 54
Age of Wife,  --- 40
Condition of Husband, (widowed or single,) Widowed
Condition of Wife, (widowed or single,)  --- Widowed
Place of Husband's Birth,  York Co. Va
Place of Wife's Birth,  Rockingham Co. N. C.
Place of Husband's Residence,  Wythe Co
Place of Wife's Residence, Wythe Co.
Names of Husband's Parents, Ransom A. & Priscilla Austin
Names of Wife's Parents,  Daniel & Margaret Allen
Occupation of Husband,   Laborer

     Given under my hand as a   Minister of the Gospel
(legally authorized to solemnize Marriages,) this  sixteenth
day of  April  A. D. 1858
                                     T. N. Lewis

The awesome thing about this marriage certificate is that we learned the names of Miles' parents.  At the same time this certificate brings us more questions to answer.

Miles was living with a Milly Cooper in 1860:

Name:Miles Austin
Age in 1860:60
Birth Year:abt 1800
Home in 1860:South Western District, FranklinVirginia

Household Members:
Milley Cooper56
Nancy A Cooper18
Prinsanna Cooper2/12
Miles Austin60

And Lucinda was living in Wytheville as a Shelton:

Name:Lucinda Shelton
Age in 1860:42
Birth Year:abt 1818
Birthplace:North Carolina
Home in 1860:WythevilleWytheVirginia
Post Office:Wytheville

Household Members:
Lucinda Shelton42
Lucinda Shelton16
Stephen Sanders27

Why such a short lived marriage and how short was it?  Inquiring minds want to know!


  1. Hi there,
    I spoke with a researcher John Clinard of the AFaOA the other day.
    He said the Lucinda also died and he was a widower again.
    I still think that there was a cousin link with Millie Cooper that went
    back a ways as well as the Sheltons.
    He also said that his grandaughter from his first marriage lived with Millie
    Not sure how he knew, but he stated he had been at the Austin research for a long
    long time now.

  2. We are also looking for Ransom and Priscilla Austin. My son Seth Austin has dived in and went back 8 generations of Austin's but it stops there. I sure would like information on Ramson and where he was born!! Debbie Austin, Nashville, TN



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