Thursday, June 21, 2012

Treasure Chest Thursday ~ Brush and Mirror

This brush and mirror set belonged to my grandmother, Blanche Theora Barker Piggott Dunn. It now sits on my mother's dresser.  It used to sit on grandma's dresser.

As a child, each new visit to grandma's would start with an exploration of the house. You know how snoopy kids are.  I'm sure there were new discoveries to be made whether it was something new, or something I hadn't noticed yet.

This brush and mirror set was always in it's place sitting on the dresser.  I remember thinking that they looked like something that a movie star would use in an old black and white movie. So you know I had to play the part. With mirror and brush in hand I would sit on grandma's bed.  There was no fancy chair to sit on like the movie star had.  I would look into the mirror and brush my hair.

I didn't feel like a movie star.  Probably because my hair was so short - grr!  It did feel awkward however.  The handle was so long.  I decided that it was not meant to really brush your hair, but to sit there and look pretty.

This is but one of many family treasures that teleport me back in time as if I was actually there.

Leslie Ann


  1. What a wonderful memory and a beautiful family treasure. I have fond memory's of my grandmothers bedroom and her jewelry box with the secret compartment.

  2. How lovely... my mum had a very similar set but have no idea where it disappeared to... as a child I had trouble trying to brush my long hair because the bristles were too soft and decided it was just a pretty thing to look at too :-) ... Cheers, Catherine

  3. I also have my maternal grandmother's old brush and mirror along with a comb and face powder jar. They also bring back wonderful memories of visiting my grandparents.



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