Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Family History Through the Alphabet Challenge ~ L

L is for Letter from grandma.

This 1944 letter was among the ephemera that I scanned last year while visiting with mother.  It was written by my grandmother Blanche Barker Piggott and addressed to her mother-in-laws; my great-grandmother.

This letter is precious to me because she talks about mom when she was just a wee one. Of course this is one letter that mom kept for herself.

                         Bloomington, Idaho
                            January 25, 1944
Dear Folks,
     How is everyone down your way?
I have been going to write ever since
Xmas and thank you for the parcel
but haven't been able to do it.
     After the kids got over the whooping
cough they all had the flu. They are
all well right now and I hope they
stay that way until the rest of the
     Joyce is surely fat. I made her some
pajamas and she looks as wide as
she does high.  Just like a little
round ball.  She practically runs
all day from one room to the other.
     The kids surely enjoy her now.
They play with her and spoil her
more every day.
     Madsen likes his job fine.  He
gets a raise the first of the month
and another one the first of March.
     I am glad he has been home.
I don't believe I could have
managed without him the last
month.  I have had a congested
gall bladder and it has been
plenty hard to get around and
take care of things.  I have felt
better today than I have for a 

     The kids have been very good to
help me.  They wash dishes and sweep
floors and dust when they are home
from school.
     Matt goes to work at nine o'clock
and gets home between 5 and 6
     Do you hear from David often?
We received a letter a few days
     Is Oliver working or did he get
a job when he went back.
     Do you see Mrs. Hart very often
or have they moved to another
     I never hear any news here
in town, at least until it is old
Matt is in Paris all day and I
never leave the place
     Do you still like Ogden or would
you just as soon be back in Bear
Lake.  It is warmer here now than
it was about a week ago.  I some-
times wish we had your bath-
room up here.  It would come
in plenty handy right now.
     It is getting late so will close
                 with love to you all


Check out  Gould's Family History Through the Alphabet Challenge for more stories about the letter L.

 Leslie Ann


  1. Now that is an heirloom to treasure, and isn't it special that it is in your grandma's own handwriting.

  2. What a great letter! I can see it all happening in my mind and it takes me back to when my children were little and all 5 of them got serial chick pox and the baby was running all over and my husband was working out of town. Luckily I didn't have any gall bladder problems.

  3. What a special letter to have! It's so interesting to take a peak into the everyday lives of our ancestors, isn't it? Wow! Whooping Cough and then the flu on top of that! No fun!



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