Thursday, August 9, 2012

Treasure Chest Thursday ~ Kodak Negatives

Among the ephemera that mom let me bring home last November was this envelope full of old negatives.

It was my intention to get them developed at Walmart or CVS or somewhere like that.  I inquired about it once, but it didn't sound like the whole process was in my budget.

Last week I finally had an opportunity to update my 1999 photo software to Photoshop CS5.  Last night I said to myself, "Self.  I bet you can scan those negatives and make some sense out of them with this new software!"

Well, I gave it a shot.  They aren't the best quality. Maybe after I learn my way around Photoshop I can clean them up some more.

Most of the shots I have seen before, but there were a couple that surprised me.

Me in the laundry basket 1963.

Still my favorite way to sit.

Dad mowing grandma's lawn.

Mom in her Easter bonnet?
I am totally baffled by this next one.  I left it as a negative because it is so light and  you can't make it out other wise.

Does the phrase "Sing a song of salads" sound familiar to anyone? I did a little search and discovered that there was a recipe book by this title.

Now I want to try and make some stills out of the old home movies.  Wish me luck.

Leslie Ann


  1. Great job scanning those negatives with Photoshop! I have CS4 and didn't know you could do that with negatives. Granted, I'm not up to speed on all the program can do.

    That "Sing A Song of Salads" photo is quite interesting. Never heard of that before. It looks like it's on some kind of white board or something.

  2. Well done on your negative-scanning - I need to do the same. "Sing a Song of Salads" could be a picture from a restaurant? Sing it to the tune of "Sing a Song of Sixpence" :-)



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