Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Curious Cousins

Last week when I was calculating relationships with Lizzie Borden I accidentally calculated a relationship between me and my daughter. I can imagine the look on my face when it revealed that my daughter is my tenth cousin!

As you can see by the chart we are more than tenth cousins. We are eleventh cousins, twelfth cousins, eighteenth cousins, twentieth cousins, well, I'll stop there.

I couldn't help but think of Ray Stevens singing, "I'm My Own Grandpa". So just for chuckles and grins I calculated a relationship between me and me. I'm my own ninth cousin! I am also my own eleventh, twelfth, and so on.

If you are like me, genealogy and family history is always on your mind.  While watching football when I hear some of the players last names I think to myself, 'He's Danish', or 'He's Swedish', or 'His ancestors come from New England'.

I know of a football player who was born in my hometown.  My sister went to school with him and I knew his grandparents were from the Bear Lake Valley. I bet myself that we were probably connected to him somehow.  If your parents were born in the Bear Lake Valley, it's more likely than not you are connected somehow. If your parents were born in Southeast Idaho, it's more likely than not that you descend from a Utah Pioneer.

I was able to connect four notable people who descend from Utah Pioneers to my tree. One is connected by blood, and the others by marriage.

Merril Hoge is my great uncle's third great nephew.

Merlin Olsen is my 12th cousin thrice removed.
Kent Hadley is my second cousin twice removed's husband's aunt's husband's daughter's husband's son's wife's first cousin twice removed.
(Are you confused yet?)
Matthew Gray Gubler is my aunt's second cousin twice removed.
I had help in adding them to the big tree on Geni and adding their ancestors to their prospective Pioneer Projects. One of the reasons I like Geni so much is the projects.

Leslie Ann

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  1. Too funny, Jana - I love the post!! Good-looking guys all.



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