Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Relationship With Lizzie Borden

Last week my daughter called me after watching one of those ghost hunting shows. They were investigating the Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast.  She knew we were related to her, but didn't know how so I told her I would make a chart for her.

This is just one of the ways we connect to Lizzie. My software would only let me make one chart. These are the other ways I am connected to her:

  1. Sixth cousin 3 times removed - common ancestor: William RICKETSON & Elizabeth MOTT.
  2. Sixth cousin 4 times removed - common ancestor: John COOKE ALIAS BUTCHER & Mary BORDEN.
  3. Seventh cousin 3 times removed - common ancestor: Thomas CORNELL & Rebecca.
  4. Seventh cousin 4 times removed - common ancestor: Thomas COOKE ALIAS BUTCHER & Mary.
  5. Seventh cousin 4 times removed - common ancestor: Richard BORDEN & Joan FOWLE.
  6. Eighth cousin 4 times removed  - common ancestor: George CORNELL & Susan CASSE.
Did you know that Lizzie Borden is the direct descendant of the only criminal convicted in U.S. history, based solely on the testimony of a ghost? Feb 8, 1673, Friend's Records state "Rebecca Cornell, widow, was killed strangely at Portsmouth in her own dwelling house, was twice viewed by the Coroner's Inquest, digged up and buried again by her husband's grave in their own land."

Rebecca is my 9th great-grandmother. She is Lizzie's 6th great-grandmother. Rebecca's son Thomas (Lizzie's 5th great-grandfather) was executed for murdering her.

I just discovered this article When Ghosts Kill: The Story of Rebecca Cornell and learned that the Cornell mansion still stands and it is now a restaurant called Valley Inn. I also found out through this article that there is a book written about Rebecca's death called "Killed Strangely: The Death of Rebecca Cornell".

You can read the transcript of the Thomas Cornell trial here.

Now there are three more things that I would like to do:

  1. Stay at the Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast
  2. Eat at the Valley Inn
  3. Read the book "Killed Strangely: The Death of Rebecca Cornell, by Elaine Forman Crane.

Leslie Ann


  1. We have morbid fascination with killers, and even more so when they range into the bizarre! Loved the recently seen program [on H2 I think] about the Lizzie Borden case. Thanks for sharing this!

  2. Leslie Ann, I know you don't have any of her genes! Very nice piece, and I'm glad you linked to the B&B, I'd love to take a tour, esp. since they let you take photos. Thanks for this.

  3. Rebecca is also my 9th great grandmother. At least I think she is... Does that make us 9th cousins? And would that make my relationship to Lizzie the same as yours?
    I have the book Killed Strangely and have read it. Very interesting story. I can't decided what I think happened.



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