Thursday, January 24, 2013

Treasure Chest Thursday ~ Mother's Day Bracelet

The last time I was back home in Idaho I hunted around mom's house to take photos of things that meant something to me. I was hoping that she still had a bracelet that I made for her when I was a child.  I was happy when I found it in her jewelry box.

This bracelet was a second grade Mother's Day art project. I glued each of the pretty polished stones in place. To wrap them we stuffed pieces of cotton inside an empty toilet paper roll and then put the bracelet inside. Then we wrapped a couple of layers of tissue paper around the the roll and tied the ends with ribbon.

I remember that day well because it was also the last day that our teacher, Mrs. Jones, was going to be our teacher. She was moving away and I was really sad.  I know I cried that day. She did too. Boy, did I miss her after she left! I did not care for the replacement teacher at all!

Mom used to wear the bracelet often.  She even had to glue a couple of stones back on. Come to think of it, I glued a couple of the stones back on before I took the picture.

Leslie Ann


  1. Leslie.
    What a wonderful treasure to find that your Mom kept all those years. I wish I could have been as lucky, but my Mom wasn't able to keep our childhood items for moving around so much.
    I'm sure your mother wore it with pride and love!

  2. What a nice nugget to share with us -- and it provides a lesson too! Your story reminded me immediately that I have a little wicker container that my younger son made at Cub Scout camp and gave to me maybe 20 years ago now. Every night when I get home from work I place my pen, my comb, my college ring and my money clip in that little project of his. It is a mechanical habit. Your story made me actually look at that wicker container and think about how I will preserve it for him and perhaps his children and his children's children to look at and appreciate. :-) Thanks for the lesson!

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