Monday, February 25, 2013

1919 Warranty Deed Going to a Good Home

While I was scanning Poulsen documents from my special shoebox that belonged to grandma Smedley I noticed that one of them was a Warranty Deed between Edgar Poulsen and his wife, and my great uncle Ezra Poulsen.

Edgar Poulsen is my second great uncle, but he is the father of a cousin I met through Geni. Actually I have been communicating with his wife.  I figured that this document would mean more to their family so I am sending it to them. She seemed excited when I told her about it.

I also wanted to post it here before it left my possession.

I was curious about the Documentary Stamps because I have never seen them before. They are initialed by my great-grandfather James S. Poulsen and dated 9/15/19.

I was able to find a little information in this commission report: The Federal Documentary Taxes.

Leslie Ann

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