Thursday, February 7, 2013

Treasure Chest Thursday ~ Calvin Smedley's Time Book

This Monthly Time Book belonged to my grandfather, Calvin Smedley. The yucky looking stains makes me think he had it out in the hay field.

He was a hay and dairy farmer so he used this book when he had to hire extra help. He also did a lot of figuring on the inside and outside covers.

It looks like the first page, however was for personal expenses.

He received $94 from the Budges.  If I understand this correctly, he paid these expenses using that money.

  • Weldon                 $25.00
  • Violet (my aunt)    $6.00
  • Bob Clayton          $2.00
  • Home Loan           $10.00  (how would it be)
  • peaches bottles sugar   $4.74
  • Cloree (my aunt)    $1.35
  • Drugstore               $1.50
  • Railiegh Man (??)   $1.00
  • Raspberries            $7.15
  • Sugar                       $2.00
  • Light bill                 $2.50
  • James books (my uncle)       $1.50
  • Meat thresher          $1.00
  • Shoes  3 pr             $5.13

Here we have two categories of hired hands:

  • Arvilla (?) Hess
  • Ezra Johnson
  • Hugh Morgan
  • Tom Roberts
  • Joe Slight
Single Hands
  • Joe Beck
  • Leon Beck
  • Frank Bolton
  • Elmo Bunn
  • Lamaun Clark
  • James Dunn
  • Peter Hemert
  • Duglas Hymas
  • Orva Johnson
  • Fred Nutt
  • Dave Orr
  • Newell Passey
  • Morgan Rich
  • Jacob Welker
I remember a few times spent in grandpa's hay field.  I would go with him to feed the cattle when I was 7 or 8.  He would be driving his old stick pick up and we would be going at a snail's pace then he'd put it in neutral and hop out into the bed of the truck and gather up hay with his pitch fork and toss it out on the ground. The first time he did that it absolutely scared me to death! 

Leslie Ann

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