Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Fearless Females 27 ~ Immigration

Jane Maria Pickett
Matilda Kelsey Price
I actually have two 2nd great-grandmothers that immigrated on the same ship. The following short article describes the voyage.

"NINETIETH COMPANY. -- Emerald Isle, 350 souls. The ship, Emerald Isle, Captain G. P. Cornish, cleared from the port of Liverpool on the twenty-eighth, and sailed on the thirtieth of November, 1855, with three hundred and fifty Saints on board, under the presidency of Philemon C. Merrill, assisted by Elders Joseph France and T. B. H. Stenhouse. Only a little sickness prevailed on board, except the ordinary seasickness. On the twenty-sixth of December a heavy sea caused by high winds stove in a part of the bulwark, rent a sail or two, and caused considerable confusion. The same evening two children died. Three couples were married on board. On the twenty-ninth of December the Emerald Isle arrived at New York, and the emigrants were landed in Castle Garden, where some of them remained a few days, until they found houses to live in, and the brethren obtained employment. Some of the emigrants continued the journey to St. Louis and other parts of the West, and in due course of time most of them reached the valleys of the mountains."
  --Millennial Star, Vol. XVII, page 792; Vol. XVIII, page 78.

Jane Maria Pickett was a child of 7 when she came to America with her father, stepmother, brother, and two sisters. She was my maternal grandmother's grandmother.

Matilda Kelsey was the young bride of Robert Price. They had only been married a little over a month when they embarked on their voyage. Matilda was my paternal grandmother's grandmother.

They were even on the same page of the passenger list.

Ship Name
Emerald Isle
30 Nov 1855 from Liverpool
29 Dec 1855 at New York
BMR, Book #1045, pp. 1-17 (FHL #025,691); Customs (FHL #175,515)
I wonder how much interaction they had with each other. It boggles my mind to think that a 7 year old and a 22 year old on this long ship voyage would some day  share the same great-great grandchildren.

Leslie Ann


  1. That is amazing that those women were both on the same ship! The odds of that must be small.

  2. Leslie Ann, I would say that's very unusual. I can imagine how surprised you were when you discovered that. Did they settle in the same city?

    1. Not in the same city, but they settled in the same county. Jane Maria Pickett and hubby John T Barker settled St. Charles, Idaho in 1870. The Price family settled Paris, Idaho in 1869.

      Ironically Jane Maria and Matilda both crossed the plains in 1861. We know the company Matilda and Robert crossed with, but we don't know which company Jane Maria and her siblings came west with.

  3. That is amazing. They seemed to be trailing each other.



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