Friday, March 22, 2013

Friday's Faces From the Past ~ N. J. Porter

This is another photo from great-great-grandma Buck's photo album. On the back side it says "N. J. Porter, Centerville, Utah.

Dean, the holder of the photo thinks that Mr. Porter may be a missionary that stayed with the Buck family in England.

The only possibility I could come up with according to census records and other information found on the web was that this photo was of Nathan Tanner Porter, jr. So maybe the "J" on the back of the photo was actually a "T", but I had no way of knowing for sure.  I was about give up the googling when low and behold I found this on Southern Utah Universtiy's website.

If that's not the same fellow, I am a monkey's uncle! Nathan T. Porter was the President of Southern Utah University from 1901-1904.

I will have to let cousin Dean know that I figured out who he is. Now I want to know exactly why great-great grandma had his photo and when he was in Nottingham.

Leslie Ann

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