Monday, April 8, 2013

Idaho Territory Sesquicentennial ~ Territory Seals

I was kind of excited when I realized that within my special shoe box are official Idaho Territory seals imprinted on some of T.J. Smedley's land documents.

This first one is from an 1884 land deed that was notarized by John Ulrich Stucki. Speaking of J. U. Stucki, I want to thank him for keeping journals! I just found a compiled PDF of them online. I thought while I was there I might as well run a search for my ancestors from Bear Lake County and sure enough I found new information. He made note of attending two of my ancestor's funerals, now I have burial dates for Grace Price Poulsen, and William Henry Piggott!

The next two seals are from an 1881 Deed regarding the transfer of  "Lot three and east half of lot four. Block six containing one and half acres, Lot ten, Block seven containing one acre, and Lots one and ten, in Block five containing one acre each" from George Osmond, Probate Judge of Bear Lake County to Thomas J. Smedley.

One is the Seal of Probate Court for Bear Lake County, and the other is seal for the Bear Lake County Recorder.

The Probate Judge of Bear Lake County in 1881 was George Osmond. The county Recorder at that time was John Ulrich Stucki.

I don't know about you, but I think it's cool to own a piece of Idaho Territorial history.

Leslie Ann



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