Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Workday Wednesday ~ Simon Price, Clothier and More

Simon Price
Simon Price, father of Robert Price, was my 3rd great-grandfather.

When he was young, Simon was apprenticed to a tailor. Upon completion of the apprenticeship he set up his own business in his hometown, Great Missenden.

In the 1841 and 1851 census of Great Missenden, Buckinghamshire, England his occupation was listed as tailor &c. I am assuming the "c" means clothier.

The 1861 Boston, Lincolnshire, England census lists him as a clothier, while the 1871 and 1881 census list him as a retired clothier.

While I was scouring old newspaper archives I was lucky enough to find a couple of ads.

Lincolnshire Chronicle, Dec 18, 1863, page 2

Lincolnshire Chronicle, Dec 25, 1863, page 2

Not only was I able to find these ads, but I found others that indicated he sold other things besides clothing. It turns out that Simon was also a tea agent, and according to the 1844 Pigot & Co directory, he was also a fire insurance agent as well as a tailor.

Bucks Herald, Oct 17, 1846, page 2

I guess when you have a shop, you're going to sell what you can, right.

Leslie Ann


  1. Those advertisements are a great find! By the way, "&c." usually stands for "et cetera".

    1. Thanks for the "&c." explanation. I probably should have known that!

  2. Great find, Les! So cool to have found out more about your 3rd GGF! I actually found an ad in a newspaper when I was in Illinois last summer for my 2nd GGF, Stephen Green Eubank, (1804-1872) who was a carpenter and supposedly built cabinets and a desk for his friend Abraham Lincoln! Also found out that Lincoln defended S.G. Eubank in several legal cases when they both lived in Springfield, Illinois, in the 1840's. Della



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