Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Show and Tell

The holidays are finally over and I think I can ease my way back into blogging. I wanted to start by showing you the cover of the family calendar that I made this year. Actually I made two, one for my side and one for hubby's side.

I got the idea of this particular layout from this website.

Now for the tellin'. I got a new computer and a touch screen monitor for Christmas. Skipping a few generations I went from Windows XP to Windows 8.1. I'm still getting familiar with its ways, but I can tell you for sure that some of them are plain wicked! For example:
  • There is no start button! There is a Windows button there that takes you to the new start page; but that is not what I want it to do! I'm not a fan of the hidden side charms bar crap.
  • Customization is very limited! I miss my xp themes!
  • It's pure torture trying to get out of a Windows app! Where is my "x" in the top right corner?
Speaking of apps, I admit some of them are kind of cool. I searched around for some that would be useful to me. This is what I have come up with so far:
  1. Ancestry - This app is strictly for viewing and browsing your family tree. You can not edit from here but if you need to, you can get there from here. I have only run into one problem. If you have any message boards marked as favorites, they show on your app, but the links don't work. And if you have more than one family tree on Ancestry, you will need to right click in the app to be able to switch between trees. That is also how you can get to the full site. I probably would have never figured this out if I didn't go to their Facebook page and ask.
  2. Dictionary - A genealogy researcher's toolbox is not complete without this.
  3. eBook Search - With this app you can search for all kinds of free books and download them.
  4. OverDrive -  You will need this app to read any ebooks you have downloaded from in .epub format. (Kindle app is useless for Windows 8)
  5. TodayInHistory
  6. Superior History - This application collects videos from the Youtube history feed.
 If you know of any others that are genealogy or history related, please let me know.

Leslie Ann

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