Monday, March 31, 2014

Today is Crayola Crayon Day!

My Crayolas
It was 111 years ago today that Binney & Smith produced the first box of eight Crayola Crayons.

Crayolas were a cool thing to have back in the day. They were even on the list of school supplies that you should have each year. Are they still?

You would start with the 8 box count and then gradually go to the 48 count by 6th grade. If you had a box of 64 crayolas at home, boy your were somethin'. By the time I got into junior high I guess they figured we were too old for crayons so we had colored pencils instead.

Unfortunately I don't have any examples of my early crayola work to share, but I am sure I have some at mom's. I do have some awesome crayola art from some of my grandchildren though.

 And I am here to say you are never to old for a box of Crayolas! Coloring with my grandchildren is one of my favorite activities!

Leslie Ann

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  1. Nothing like a new box of crayons with nice sharp points!



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