Thursday, July 10, 2014

Thomas Smedley and Elizabeth Joynes Marriage Certificate

Yeah! I finally received the marriage certificate I was telling you about. It took long enough.

The writing is kind of faint in places so it took awhile to read correctly, however there are still two words I can't make out.

1841 Marriage solemnized by Banns in the parish of Sheffield in the County of York
When married: June 13
Name and Surname: Thomas Smedley, Elizabeth Joynes
Age: 38, 33
Condition: Bachelor, Spinster
Rank or Profession: Victualler
Residence at the Time of Marriage: Nursery, Wicker
Father's Name and Surname: Jno. Smedley, Thos. Joynes
Profession of father: Stockiner, Lace Man
Married in parish church by Thos. Sutton vicar

I still can't read who the witnesses are. If you have any ideas, please let me know.

And of course this certificate causes me to ask a couple of questions.
  1. Why was he listed as a bachelor when he was previously married?
  2. They were counted in the 1841 census on June 6, 1841 with their 3 year old son in Wombwell, Darfield, Yorkshire. Were they really living in Wicker, Yorkshire 7 days later? 
  3. Why wait until 1841 to get married when they were living together and had a child in 1837?
 And here is the birth certificate of their only child together:

See how Elizabeth is shown with the last name "Smedley formerly Tainey"? I think it should actually say "Joynes" and whoever recorded this information in 1964 misread it as Tainey. Anyway, were they really married at this time, or possibly waiting for his marriage with Martha Mitchell to be legally dissolved? Or, was that first marriage ever really dissolved?

So there you have it, more knowledge brings more mysteries.

Leslie Ann

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