Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Tuesday's Tip is Danish

A few weeks ago I made contact with a distant cousin that I discovered through FamilySearch. It's not always easy to connect with others on FamilySearch because not everyone leaves an email address.

The reason I was so excited to reach out to him is because he uploaded a wonderful document that lead me to new discoveries. Danish discoveries.

I have always been afraid of dreaded Danish research because of the naming traditions. To me it was like trying to find the right John Smith, if you know what I mean. Besides that, I don't speak or read a lick of Danish!

This new information I have learned has me infatuated with my Danish Roots and I want to find more. So that means I need to find a little fortitude and push forward.

So I wanted to tip you off to some websites that may help you with your Danish research.

The following are websites:


What's that you say? You can't read Danish either? There's no need to fear, Google Translate is here.

Another handy tool is Google Drive. If you have a .pdf document written in Danish, simply upload it to Drive, right click on the document and open with Google Docs.

Once it is opened click on tools from the menu above and then click on 'translate document' from the drop down menu.

Google's translation is not an exact science, however it will help you see things clearer. The following tools will also help you understand Danish a little more:
I also wanted to share some other exciting news with you. Kristian Pedersen is working on docudrama called The Descendant. He just got back from Copenhagen so there will be an episode about Denmark. I'm not sure when the tv pilot is, but I can't wait.

I hope I have been of some help or maybe I'm the last one on the boat. If I left something out, please share in the comments.

Leslie Ann

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