Friday, February 25, 2011

Friend of Friends Friday - Estate of David Beatie

The following Will was abstracted from the Washington County VA Will Book No. 5 1820-1827 [Film No. JR 3072], by Jack Hockett and was published in the Appalachian Quarterly, June 2002, Volume 7 Number 2, page 73.

Pusuant to an order of the Country Court...the 20th of February 1821.[,] we the undernamed have proceeded to examine & adjust the administration Acct. exhibited by JOHN CLARK administrator to the estate of DAVID BEATIE decd. of which the following is a correct Statement, to wit, The total Amt. of the estate as appears stated in the appraisement Bill $3230.50. Contra...Paid to JOSEPH WILLIAM BYARS... to HENRY JONES...Paid taxes dure from the estate for the year 1813 $7.61. ... Paid an amt. due on the execution in favor of SMITH & TRIGG... property delivered to the Legatees...$97.00... To MARY BEATIE the widow three slaves named JOE, RACHEL & NELLY valued to $1025.00 $1122.00.
p. 7: ARMSTRONG BEATIE one negro boy named JOE junr. $340. To WILLIAM BEATIE one negro Girl named SARAH $350... livestock delivered to the legatees... Also farming Utensils to ARMSTRONG & DAVID BEATIE as specified... $87.50... household & kitchen furniture to MARY BEATIE...$2467.50. Amount of Slaves undivid'd also undevised in the Will of the deceased to wit one named BOB appraised to $330. One mulatto girl NANCY $150. One boy named CHARLES $150. One negro girl named DELILAH $120 - one boy named ANTHONY 60 dols. One negro child named ANN 50 dols. the whole amounting to the sum of $860.00 Out of which the 97 dollars due from the estate was paid & deducted $97.00. $763.00. After the deductions of the 97 dollars, 763 dols. remains to be divided equally amongst Six children & the widow making ai all seven shares, which division was made by the mutual consent of all interested as appears by the different vouchers produced by the administrators & each finally paid a.c.  Given under our hands this 5th day of March 1821. /s/ WILLIAM SNODGRASS; EDWARD HUTTON; JOHN PORTERFIELD. At a Court continued & held for Washington County the 23d. day of March 1821. This Settlement of the estate of DAVID BEATY deceased was returned to Court[,] examined and allowed and ordered to be recorded...

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - Hubby's Italian Side

Front: Joseph Leonard Mangiafico Back row: Paul Mangiafico, Michela Lombardo Bernardo, Joseph Bernardo, Lena Bernardo Mangiafico

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Happy Birthday Grandma!

Blanche Barker PIggott Dunn holding 18 day old Whitney 
If grandma were still alive, she would be 100 years old today. These two photos are the last ones I took of her before we lost her on January 21, 1993.  The one above is of her holding my daughter October 18, 1987. The photo below was taken June 18, 1988. She is holding Whit and standing with my boys.

So I find myself thinking about her today. How I wish we were at her house right now listening to records. Eddy Arnold singing the "Cattle Call" after The Lennon Sisters sing "How much is that doggie in the window".

How I crave her home canned rhubarb and frozen strawberry jam.  Her meatloaf was awesome and she made the best creamed peas and new potatoes.

If I looked hard enough, I could always find her licorice allsorts stashed somewhere. I think that is why I love black licorice so much, especially the allsorts, because they remind me of her.

She crocheted beautiful baby blankets and afghans. She taught me a few stitches that I had never seen before. Each of my children has a baby blanket that she made.

I remember the tv shows we used to watch there when we were little, Romper Room, Lawrence Welk, and The Wonderful World of Disney. Her favorite tv show in later life was "The Golden Girls".

As I grab a tissue and a handful of allsorts I wish you a happy birthday grandma! Miss you much.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Friend of Friends Friday - Samuel Fryar Will

The following Will was abstracted from the Washington County VA Will Book No. 5 1820-1827 [Film No. JR 3072], by Jack Hockett and was published in  the Appalachian Quarterly, June 2002, Volume 7 Number 2, page 72.

p.3 In the Name of God Amen.
I SAMUEL FRYAR being of sound mind
but weak in body calling to mind the uncertainty of
human life do make ordain this my LWT - First I have
sold to my particular friend PLEASANT SMITH do
hereby make him a title to the following slaves Viz.
FRANK TENY their children consisting of
on the the following terms... we value them at $1500. -
five hundred dollars I give to the said PLEASANT SMITH -
five hundred dollars he is to pay to my affectionate Sister
MARY T. CARPENTER the other five hundred...
pay to my Executors ... twelve months after my decease.
...unto my Sister MARY T. CARPENTER the following
articles my cherry bedstead, bed furniture...hearth
brush - brass And irons... 3 flower pots - 18 wine
glasses... the balance of the Silver ware I bought from
the estate of E. C. [Elijah Carpenter?] - China Press,
Carpets & hearth rug - Tea Table - best Candlestand...
- my reasons for leaving her no more is because I think
she is well provided for already has plenty. - I give to
my particular friend Mrs. BETSY CARPENTER (wife
of JOHN) one hundred dollars. T the Abingdon Bible
Society Twenty five dollars - to the East
p. 4: Tennessee Bible Society Twenty five dollars -
to the Asbury Mite Society in Knoxville Female Edu-
cation Society. my Honored Parent JOHN FRYAR
viz all my wearing apparel[,] Watch & c... my other sil-
ver ware my Library containing about 200 volumes - I
also give him CARTER and CREACY  their children
the boy I bought in Balto.  GINNEY - I also give him my
two gey horses Tom Dick & my Waggon  gears
c... unto each of my well beloved Brothers WILLIAM
 JOHN H. FRYAR fifteen hundred dollars in consider-
ation of the above slaves given to my Father - I also give
to my Sister MARY T. CARPENTER all the Interest I
would have in either of her Grand fathers or Grand Moth-
ers estate - the balance... one half to my Father JOHN
FRYAR the other half to my brother JOHN H. F.
[FRYAR] And I do hereby constitute appoint my Par-
ticular friend Colo. WILLIAM BYARS  Mr. DAVID
CAMPBELL my present Partner in Knoxville to be my
Executors of this my LWT...23d. day of September 1820.
/s/ SAML. FRYAR, L.S.  Witness HUGH SCOTT;
held... 20th day of March 1821. The LWT of SAMUEL
FRYAR deceased was exhibited in Court and proved by
OBADIAH SCOTT... witnesses thereto and ordered to
be recorded - And on the motion of WILLIAM
BYARS... who took the oath... entered into acknowl-
edged his bond in the sum of Fifteen thousand dollars
COLE and GEORGE BYARS his securities... A Certifi-
cate is therefore granted him for the probat of the said
Will in due form... For Certificate of probat by DAVID
CAMPBELL See Minute Book July 1821 page 362...///

Before I posted this I wanted to make sure that it wasn't already available somewhere on the net so I did a google search on Samuel Fryar. I wasn't able to find much on him, but I did find this site full of digital images from The Book of Negroes. This particular image lists a former slave of Samuel's.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

52 Weeks of Personal Genealogy & History ~ Toys

Amy Coffin at We Tree has come up with another series. It is called 52 Weeks of Personal Genealogy & History. This, the seventh week is dedicated to toys. As usual I am falling behind so this is my first contribution.

I love toys. They bring out the kid in me. You should see me in the antique stores  when I find a toy that I used to have, or even one that my brother and sister used to have.  (I can't believe my toys are in the antique store, that just aint right!) If I could, I would buy every one.

I have already talked about my favorite toy in the Advent calendar of Christmas Day 17 - My Grab Bag of Memories post, but there are other toys I can tell you about.

One of my favorite dolls was this Mattel Liddle Kiddles Lilly of the Valley Cologne Doll.

Ah -- I can smell her wonderful fragrance now. I know they don't make those anymore. I sure wish I still had mine. Would like to have one again, but not for $49!

Then there was the Kiddle Lockets:
I honestly can't remember for sure which one I had, but I think it was the one with the dark hair inside the green lined locket and purple stones.

I also had a baby grow a tooth doll. I got her for Christmas abound 1967 or so. It had short blond hair and slept in a little blue plastic crib.  She had two metal bars on the back of her heels that stuck to the crib when she sat up. Then you could feed her with a little plastic pink  spoon and she would grow a tooth.
I haven't been able to find a picture or reference to her anywhere. I bet she would be worth a pretty penny if I still had her. On second thought, maybe not - she would not have been in the best of condition. I guess that's probably why I don't have her anymore - duh.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

What Do You Know - Tim McGraw and Hubby are Kin

All day yesterday I was playing musical blogger templates so if you happened to drop by during that time, my apologies for the weirdness. It just felt like time for something new. I wish I could change my living room around.

Well now that the ancestors and I are settled in the new digs let's get on with this post shall we.

Did you watch "Who Do You Think You Are?" with Tim McGraw last Friday?

As I was watching I got a little excited when I noticed that he was driving through Big Stone Gap, Virginia because that is where hubby's great-grandparents are from. Then my curiosity was peaked when they started talking about his 6th great-grandfather Isaac Chrisman. I knew that name. I knew that I had seen it somewhere before while doing research on hubby's ancestors.

So Saturday morning you know I hit the computer first thing to do a little investigating. I opened up his family tree file and sure enough, there was Isaac Chrisman.  He was hubby's seventh great-grandmother's (Jane/Jean Scott) first husband! About a year after Isaac was killed by Indians, Jane married Nathaniel Hix and their first child was Frances Hix, hubby's sixth great-grandmother. I made this chart showing how they are connected:

Unfortunately I haven't been able to find much of anything on their common ancestor Jane Scott.

If you check out the McGraw Family Album on, you can see the documents they used to aid Tim on his journey.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Friend of Friends Friday - McClain Deeds

The following deed extractions are from the McClain Exchange Newsletters, Volume 9, Number 4, December 1, 1997.

Slave names: CHANEY NACE 


Thursday, February 10, 2011

Flora Buck's 90th Birthday

I have been searching through newspaper archives pretty much all week and I stumbled on to this article about the celebration of my great-grandaunt's 90th birthday and wanted to share.

Ogden Standard Examiner, April 14, 1962, page 12

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tombstone Tuesday - Elizabeth Cannon Piggott

I have one last headstone photo that I was able to take when I was in Idaho last May.

After returning to mom's I discovered that I already had a photo of this headstone stashed in her basement that I had taken years earlier. I sure am glad that I found this one because you can still see the designs on it. Now they have pretty much disappeared.

Elizabeth C.
Feb. 21, 1845
Mar. 27, 1920

Elizabeth is buried in the Bloomington cemetery in Bloomington, Idaho. She was my great-great grandmother.

According to her death certificate she died of throat cancer.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Amanuensis Monday - Letter from Alfred Bake

Among the second batch of grandma Hazel's stuff is another letter from Alfred Bake talking about Bake genealogy. I thought I would go ahead and share it on the Amanuensis Monday.

          April 26, 1951

Dear Cousin,
   It has been some time since we have heard from you. We have been writing lots of letters to different people & can't find any connection in the Henry Bake & Gilbert Bake families.  We received some pictures from one man & on of the Bakes resembled John Bake quite a little. However I am still trying.
  Do you have a picture of Henry Bake & his wife? I would like to get them if you do to put in my genealogy book.
  I have written to Mary Bake at Malad & asked for Henry Bake's naturalization papers but haven't heard from her since.
  If you have any other pictures that you don't want or would let us use to get prints made from them we would surely like it.
  Thanks a lot.
              Yours truly
               Alfred & Gladys Bake.

I had never heard of Grasmere, Idaho before so I went to Google and I found out that it is a ghosttown.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Friend of Friends Friday - McClain Slaveholders

I found some more slaveholders in one of the McClain Exchange Newsletters .

Vol 10, Number 1, March 1, 1998





Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Getting Medieval

Last Saturday hubby, sis, nephew and I went to the Hoggetown Medieval Faire.

We have gone every year, but the last two since we have been in Florida. I never even heard of such a thing before I moved to Florida. I really enjoy being there. It's like you're walking through a medieval village that your ancestors could have been a part of. The medieval period spans about 700 years starting around the year 800.(I so wish I had a time machine!)

It is even a more awesome experience if you know one of your ancestors from that time period. If I would have been with like-minded people, or should I say genealogy/family history minded people, I would have stayed longer and sat through every entertainment venue. 

Ironically while I was doing research for this post the other day Tweetdeck popped up with the tweet:

Krishna Andavolu
Ron Patterson, Held First Renaissance Faire, Dies at 80

You can read more about Ron Patterson  in the New York Times.

Some people dress up in medieval costumes when they go. I have not done this yet, but I have decided next time I am dressing up whether someone else dresses up with  me or not! So I was taking photos of different costumes to get an idea.

This guy had the most awesome costume of all. I think he was dressed as a musketeer or a pirate. I never did get a shot of his front side.

So I was thinking about dressing up like a pirate or a wizard. But, then I thought why not dress like my 18th great-grandmother, Queen of Scotland, Annabella Drummond?   

Maybe I can get hubby to wear his Clan McDonald tartan? (I know he aint wearing a kilt).

If you are dying to go to a medieval festival (I know you are), I found list of Renaissance Faires and Festivals. Go check it out for one in your area!


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