Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Tuesday's Tip ~ Email Malware Warning

For more information on this virus click here.

Since we as genealogists look forward to the mail quite often, excited to receive packages and correspondence, I felt that I should bring this to your attention just in case you aren't aware of it.

I received an email that looked just like the image above. (Apparently I received two of them because the one above is from an email account that I don't use.) If you get one of these DO NOT CLINK ON THE LINK that says "Print a shipping Label NOW" like I foolishly did. (Only because I was actually expecting a package!)

When I clicked on that link, it downloaded a zip file to my computer which released a couple of different viruses. I got rid of those alright with Malwarebytes, but when I got a mailer daemon notice refusing to send an email that I supposedly sent I started to freak out.

Apparently my email address was used to send someone else a "Funeral Announcement" Malware. This morning my email address seemed to disappear. I discovered that it was suspended because of this whole mess!

Everything is good to go now. I certainly hope it stays that way.

Leslie Ann

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Those Places Thursday ~ My Childhood Home

Last month I went back home to Pocatello for a couple of weeks. The main reason was because mom sold the house. Times are tough and she just couldn't afford it any longer. I had a bunch off stuff in the basement I needed to go through and get out of there, not to mention helping her get moved out. We moved her in with my brother.

I was in the second grade when we moved into that house. The photo collage above depicts a few of the shots I have of the front of the house.

Left to right:
  1. It was October of 1970. The house was a peach color. I am standing on the porch with little brother. This was the day that I was confirmed.
  2. Not sure when that photo was taken, but it was some time between 1970 and 1974. Mom's corvair in front. I had a frightening experience in that car before we moved to that house.
  3. It was August of 1974. Calvin Buck and Grace Ellen Poulsen Smedley (my paternal grandparents) standing in front.
  4. My maternal grandmother, Blanche Theora Barker Piggott Dunn standing in front. By this time the house was a gold color with brown trim.
  5. Yes, that's me sitting on the front porch. The year was some time between 1995 and 1997. By this time the house was a grey color and sporting a new screen door.
 I wont lie. This was a pretty emotional event, boxing up memories and deciding what to put in the yard sale and what to keep and saying goodbye to the house that built us. What didn't sale went to Goodwill and some stuff went straight to the dump. I was able to ship some of my stuff home and the rest is sitting in my son's basement. I will get it here eventually.

Our house was the neighborhood house, the place to play hide and seek, kick the can, and other outside games. There were many sleep overs out in the back yard. I miss being able to just sleep outside under the stars.

So I guess this is the next stage of my life. When I am able to go back to Idaho, I will no longer be staying with my mom in the house I grew up in, but now I will be the grandma who comes to visit.

The last photo of the "Smedley house".

Leslie Ann


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